VW Gol turns buggy: understand what is behind the image that went viral – 07/09/2021

On social networks, photos of what appeared to be a buggy began to drip, in the style of the old ones used on the beach and made on top of Volkswagen Beetles, but with the appearance of a Volkswagen Gol. The photos that went viral are not new, but they are true.

The Buggy Gol project was created in Mexico in 2015 by a small craft company to serve the tourism market in the coastal region, such as Cancun and surroundings.

The buggy uses the base of the Volkswagen Gol, the same one that is in line until today in Brazil, of the fifth generation and in the basic Trend version, to create the vehicle that takes tourists up and down the beaches on tours.

In fact, the car was exported from Brazil to Mexico, where it went through this transformation that earned a kit. The new body was molded on top of the original, but with reinforcements and modifications, as it no longer had the doors or even the roof, which changes the structural rigidity of the set.

VW Gol Buggy - Reproduction - Reproduction
Image: Reproduction

From the (no longer so) popular car, the windshield, the hood and the front were kept, in addition the car was all cut and modified by hand. The interior has also been kept original, including the five seats.

The sides, in addition to reinforcing bars, also gained a step integrated into the two sides to facilitate access for the shorter ones.

At the rear the lights are original, but the trunk has been completely defaced as there is also no rear window. The roof has been removed and gives way to a canvas cover just to hide from the sun.

Inspired by the buggies of yesteryear, which were successful in Brazil and in other markets around the world, and which used the most practical and reliable mechanics on the market: rear wheel drive, air engine and Volkswagen chassis, but now with front wheel drive.

At the time it was created, the Gol Buggy had a cost of around $14,000 if it was the car plus the modification. If the customer brought the car, the cost of the kit was US$4,700.

VW Gol Buggy - Reproduction - Reproduction
Image: Reproduction