Wesley Safadão assumes betrayal of Thyane Dantas after the birth of his daughter

Pastor André Vitor, a friend of several famous people, among them Simone, from the duo with Simaria, posted a video on his Instagram account this Monday (9/6/9), in which it caught the attention of many of his followers. In it, Wesley Safadão, alongside his wife, Thyane Dantas, assumes that he cheated on her when the digital influencer was still pregnant with the couple’s first child, Ysis, in 2014.

Crying, the singer claimed that he “was blind” when everything happened. “You only know who passes by, right? The amount of things I made her get into the situation you found her in (Safadão refers to the pastor), all the suffering. I was blind. I remember when it was Ysis’ second month… In the second month, it hit me. Only I didn’t know what to do. On the way out… I finished the congratulations of Ysis’s messenger and, as I was leaving, I said: ‘My God, help me’. I knew that wasn’t what I wanted. When I got in the car: ‘What’s up? Shall we leave?…’”, recalled the artist.


He continued: “Do you understand what the two-step madness is like? You do, but… Do you understand? And on other days, I wanted to go back to her and she didn’t. She said: ‘Go back to what? Stay the same?’ That’s when she met André and God blessed him. Until I get to the prayers of couples groups… Brother, by God, I want to say that I love you so much. You are very special in our life. Through you, we come here. You are the person who strengthens us, helps us. If I have a family today… (Safadão gets emotional again). You really are who God put here to help us.”

Together since 2012, Safadão and Thyane began to get involved when he was still married to Mileide Mihaile, mother of the singer’s first child, Yhudy. In August 2016, they decided to make the union official and got married. They are parents of Ysis, age 5; and Sun, from 2.