Wesley Safadão cries when remembering a crisis in a relationship with Thyane Dantas – É Hit

A video caught the internet’s attention over the weekend. the religious preacher André Victor, friend of Thyane Dantas and Wesley naughty, published images of the singer in choro when remembering a crisis in the beginning of the couple’s relationship.

The singer from Ceará appears in tears when he remembers the life divided between the beginning of his relationship with Thyane, the birth of his daughter, in 2014, and the single life. Wesley Safadão recalled the situation of being asked to go out with a friend at the time of the “versary month” party of the heiress.

“I was blind. (…) I remember when it was Ysis’s second month… In the second month, it hit me… what I was doing with my life. But I didn’t know what what to do,” declared the native of Ceará.

Wesley Safadão reported that he was thoughtful when he decided to go out with his friend. “I finished the congratulations of Ysis’s month, and when I was leaving, I said: ‘Oh my God, help me.’ I knew that was not what I wanted. It’s crazy… You want it, but you don’t want it,” argued the singer.

Return to relationship

At the end of the video, Wesley Safadão said he tried to get back together with Thyane, but she refused to resume the relationship. After meeting the pastor, the influencer gave the singer a new chance. It is worth remembering that the forrozeiro and the digital influencer only got married in 2016.

“If I have a family today… God put you to help us get here,” he thanked the religious preacher. This Monday (8), the video was deleted from Instagram.

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