When will the Lotofácil da Independência draw? It’s BRL 150 million

The desire to become a millionaire is in people’s imaginations and the opportunity may be at hand, with the drawing of the Independence Lotofácil. The estimated prize revolves around BRL 150 million, the biggest in the history of the contest. What a lot of people are wondering is when the Lotofácil da Independência draw will take place. We answer! The lotofácil da Independência draw takes place this Saturday (11), at 20h. Players can register their games until 7 pm on the day of the draw.

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Remembering that this Monday (6) there will be no Lotofácil draw, since the bets and values ​​are all concentrated in the special draw for Independence.

In force since 2012, Lotofácil da Independência is considered the oldest special lottery in operation at Caixa Econômica Federal. Last year, it paid R$124.9 million, the biggest prize in the modality so far, which was divided between 50 bets, from 17 different states.

As in other special contests, such as Mega da Virada, the main prize offered at the Lotofácil da Independência does not accumulate. If there are no winning bets with 15 numbers, the prize will be prorated among the 14 number matchers and so on.

When will the Lotofácil da Independência 2021 draw?

Players can play in the Lotofácil da Independência 2021 until September 11th, the same date as the draw for the 15 tens. Sales will take place until 7:00 pm (GMT) at lottery outlets and electronic channels: Loterias Caixa application and website (www.loteriasonline.caixa.gov.br).

The wheels of the Lotofácil da Independência 2021 are personalized with Brazilian flags. On the electronic channels, players can access the special contest page on the website menu.

Lotofácil Independence Sweepstakes

The jackpot is the possibility that the bettor has to place bets in group. Just fill in the field on the ticket or ask the lottery attendant. At Lotofácil, the jackpots have a minimum price of R$ 10.00, each share cannot be less than R$ 3.00, and it is possible to make a jackpot with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 8 odds (for bets made up of 15 numbers) or minimum of 2 and maximum of 25 (for bets consisting of 16 numbers) or minimum of 2 and maximum of 30 (for bets consisting of 17 numbers) or minimum of 2 and maximum of 35 (for bets consisting of 18 numbers) or minimum of 2 and a maximum of 70 (for bets made up of 19 numbers) or a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 100 (for bets made up of 20 numbers).

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