Whindersson Nunes retorts the follower’s criticism of João Gomes

Comedian Whindersson Nunes, 26, critically responded to a comment from a follower today on his personal twitter. The criticism, however, was not directed at Whindersson, but at the singer João Gomes.

“Look honestly, this guy has a horrible voice and he sings like shit, I don’t know what fun people see in him,” wrote the follower, in response to a published photo of Whindersson with João.

The comedian then retweeted the message with a reply.

I’m ugly and boring, man, I don’t know what people see in me either, but it sucks, mah. When the guy’s star shines too much, the guy gets mad with envy to see a humble little guy winning the world, it’s awesome.”

In comments, most followers supported Whindersson.

“That for me, bro, is inspiring. Your life story motivates me to fight for my story, Whindersson, we are from the Northeast”, commented one.

“You are sensational, you made me laugh in the most difficult hours even without knowing of my existence, your beauty is something inexplicable, it’s so perfect! Please don’t feel that way because you’re not,” said another.