Who is in the final of Ilha Record and how to participate in the vote?

The first season of Ilha Record, a new reality show presented by Sabrina Sato, is in its final stretch and, last Monday (6), the semifinalists faced each other in a test of balance and resistance in search of two spots in the final of the program – scheduled for next Thursday, September 9th. Today, find out who is in the final of Ilha Record and learn how to vote for your favorite explorer.

Who is in the final of Ilha Record?

After just over 45 minutes of competition, Dinei, Valesca and Laura Keller were eliminated from Ilha Record. That means illusionist Pyong Lee and MTV celebrity Any Borges are the show’s finalists.

Next Thursday (9), during the live program, the pair will face off in another skill test and, this time, the program’s final treasure is worth: the R$ 500 thousand prize. The public does not participate in the decision of who takes half a million home, as everything will depend on the explorers’ performance in the game.

But, like any good reality show, the show’s final will be marked by a super vote. In this case, everyone participates in the dynamic – not just those in the final of the program – which also includes the semi-finalists eliminated in Monday’s competition and the entire team of explorers who were already in Exile. The most voted from the public, who may or may not be one of the finalists, will receive the R$ 250,000 prize.

How to vote?

The official voting to define who wins the public award is now open. To vote, you need to go to Ilha Record’s page on R7, click on the banner “To which explorer do you want to give the R$ 250,000 prize?” and, finally, choose your favourite. During the process, no registration is required.

Voting Island Record
All participants compete for the R$250 thousand prize at Ilha Record. (Photo: Reproduction/R7)

On Thursday, before crowning whoever is in the final with the maximum prize, Sabrina Sato is expected to announce the public’s favorite and reveal who won the R$ 250,000. Voting will be interrupted a few times and, in each of them, the least voted participants will be disqualified, making the dispute more fierce.

Who earns the R$ 250,000 from Ilha Record?

The DCI poll of all candidates for the R$ 250,000 award has already received more than 90,000 votes and points to a victorious female for the award: Mirella. The explorer, one of Mc Loma’s twin sealings, appears in first place in this Tuesday (7)’s partial with 42.66% of the votes. Vote in the poll and participate!

In second place, with 34.94% of the votes, the poll indicates Nadja Pessoa as the winner of the award. All participants were voted. See the complete list, from the most voted to the least voted part of the poll:

  • Mirella (42.66%)
  • Nadja Pessoa (34.94%)
  • Laura Keller (7.71%)
  • MC Negão da BL (6.26%)
  • Dinei (2.44%)
  • Pyong Lee (1.75%)
  • Thomas Costa (1.12%)
  • Any Borges (0.68%)
  • Nanah Damascene (0.64%)
  • Lucas Selfie (0.55%)
  • Claudinho Matos (0.51%)
  • Valesca (0.46%)
  • Antonela Avellaneda (0.29%)
Voting Island Record
Mirella and Nadja lead the poll for the R$250 thousand prize at Ilha Record. (Photo: Playback/Record TV)

It’s not possible to decide who takes the top prize among those who are officially in the final of Ilha Record, but here at DCI it’s possible. Which explorer do you want to see winning the ultimate treasure? Vote in the final poll.

In short, two explorers will walk away with cash prizes from the program. Whoever is in the final (Any and Pyong) compete for the amount of R$ 500 thousand and the public decides the future of a second prize, this one of R$ 250 thousand, among all the participants.

The Ilha Record final takes place this Thursday, September 9th, at 10:45 pm. Don’t miss out on full coverage here at DCI.