Widower pays homage to Minas Gerais and ex-BBB Josy Oliveira with moving text – Famous

Daniel Ramos posted a photo with ex-BBB Josy Oliveira and the couple’s son, little Mateus (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
The ex-BBB widow Josy Oliveira, Daniel Ramos, published an emotional tribute to his wife on Instagram.
the miner of Juiz de Fora, who participated in the Big Brother Brazil 9, gives TV Globo, suffered a stroke (stroke) on Saturday (04/09), during surgery to treat an aneurysm diagnosed at the end of 2020.

With complications, the psychologist was in an induced coma, but she did not resist and died at 43 years of age. She is Daniel had a child, Matheus, 5 years old.

“Thank you for choosing me and giving me the privilege to share your life with me for 12 years with the purest love, for the privilege of choosing me to be the father of your child, for every kiss good night and good morning, for every hug, every smile, every second… Thank you for your life that will remain forever alive in everyone who had the opportunity to have you around. this life,” he wrote branches.

“The most affectionate, kind, polite, kind, understanding, intelligent, generous person and as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. May you continue to shine beautifully wherever you are, leaving your trail of love wherever you go and that you will always be remembered with joy with your unique way, your passion for fat and babies in the purest and most sincere way there is…”, he added.

“I continue taking care of Mateus with the love he deserves, following his values ​​and joy”.

Daniel Ramos

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