William Bonner delivers incisive speech at JN after Bolsonaro’s anti-democratic speeches: “Demonstration of contempt”; watch!

The Brazilian Independence holiday, celebrated this Tuesday (7), was marked by several protests in favor of Jair Bolsonaro (No Party), with the presence of thousands of supporters. The demonstrations drew attention for their coup character and for inciting attacks on democracy. At the helm of Jornal Nacional, William Bonner made an accurate speech when he criticized the actions and the tone adopted by the president in his speeches.

After presenting the main news stories, the anchor has already shown what he came from. “Disrespect for democracy with the colors of our flag. In a coup-like tone, the president speaks in front of the protesters”, pointed.

After the start of the program, Bonner continued with the criticism. “Brazil witnessed today a demonstration of contempt for the Constitution, promoted and insufflated by the President of the Republic. In several cities, thousands of pocketnaristas participated in acts with agendas that affront democracy, such as military intervention and the dismissal of ministers of the Supreme Court.” said.

The journalist continued, drawing attention to the speeches of the president, who was on the Esplanada dos Ministérios, in Brasília, and on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo: “Bolsonaro returned to attack governors and mayors who took measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. He returned to attack members of the STF. He returned to attack the Brazilian Electoral System. And on Independence Day, Bolsonaro raised the temperature of the institutional crisis that he himself created and has nurtured”. Watch the moment:

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On the web, users celebrated the attitude of the journalist, who ended up in the most talked about topics on Twitter. But what really caught the public’s attention was the incisive tone adopted by Bonner when talking about the president. “Bonner is p*taço”, wrote Bianca Muller. “The ‘homi’ doesn’t even work on Saturday, he’s on duty on a holiday because of this clowning”, noticed a profile. “Bonner was dying to swear, but he took a deep breath”said another. “Someday William Bonner will start the national newspaper like this: “GUESS WHAT THAT SON DA P*TA DID TODAY”, shared one more. Check out: