William Bonner raises the tone on ‘JN’ and destroys Bolsonaro’s demonstrations

This Tuesday night, September 7, William Bonner raised the tone during “Jornal Nacional”, the main TV news program on TV Globo, and made a scathing analysis of the anti-democratic demonstrations called by Jair Bolsonaro (no party).

Miriam Leitão says Bolsonaro committed a crime upon arriving at the protest

William Bonner

Credit: Reproduction/TV GloboWilliam Bonner raises the tone and calls Bolsonaro a scammer

In the escalation of “Jornal Nacional”, it was already clear that the TV news would take a more aggressive stance against the protests that Bolsonaro participated in throughout Brazil. William Bonner and Ana Luiza Guimarães have already started the program with a promising climb, announcing what would be presented to the viewer that night.

Check out Bolsonaro’s speech at the demonstration on Avenida Paulista

“Disrespect for democracy with the colors of our flag / In several Brazilian cities, Pocketnaristas insufflated by the President of the Republic use green and yellow, but attack pillars of our Constitution / Banners call for military intervention and the removal of Supreme Ministers / In tone coup player, president speaks to protesters in Brasília and São Paulo / Says he respects the Constitution, but in the same sentence, again threatens the STF / Bolsonaro announces a meeting of the Council of the Republic, whose attribution is to pronounce on federal intervention, state of defense and state of siege, but the legislative and judiciary powers say they are not aware of the meeting / Bolsonaro also says that he will no longer comply with the decisions of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, and jurists see the president as a crime / The President of the Chamber, Arthur Lira, does not comment, the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco, says that what should unite Brazilians is the defense of the state democratic law / And anti-government protesters take to the streets in defense of the Constitution, and ask for vaccines, food and jobs / The Jornal Nacional is starting”.

During the “JN”, Bonner classified Bolsonaro’s act as a coup, and stated that it worsened an institutional crisis created by the president himself.

“Brazil witnessed today a demonstration of contempt for the Constitution, promoted and insufflated by the President of the Republic. In several cities, thousands of pocketnaristas participated in acts with agendas that affront democracy, such as military intervention and the removal of STF ministers

In Brasília and São Paulo, Bolsonaro spoke. It returned to attacking governors and mayors who took steps to combat the spread of the coronavirus; returned to attack members of the STF; returned to attack the Brazilian electoral system. And, on Independence Day, Bolsonaro raised the temperature of the institutional crisis that he himself created and has nurtured.”