Withdrawal calendar will resume this Thursday, 9

Caixa Econômica Federal should resume this week the releases of withdrawals from the fifth installment of Emergency Aid. And according to the official schedule of the program, this return should take place this Thursday (9). Two more groups are expected to receive this clearance for the withdrawal of cash.

On Thursday (9), it will be the turn of the informals who were born in May. According to Caixa, the money will be available for withdrawal from the early hours of the morning. They will therefore be able to go to an ATM and withdraw the remaining amount. It will be possible to move what they did not move digitally.

On Friday (10), it will be the turn of those informal ones who have their birthdays in the month of June. Basically the rules are the same. The only thing that changes are the dates. Those born in this month will therefore be the last to receive withdrawal releases this week. Everyone else will receive this right from next week.

Those born in April, for example, received the amount of the fifth installment of Emergency Aid on the last 24th of August. And those who have birthdays in June took that money on August 25th. From then until now, however, they were not able to withdraw this amount. It could only do digital moves.

And for that, according to Caixa Econômica Federal, these people needed to use the Caixa Tem or Internet Banking app. These are therefore the only ways to move the amount before the withdrawals are released. At least that was the idea of ​​the Federal Government. And the rule remains in effect during overtime.

what can you do

Until the date of release of withdrawals for these people, they can use the money digitally. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, it is possible to carry out a series of procedures through Caixa Tem and Internet Banking.

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Among them, we can mention the payment of bank slips, for example. So it is possible to get rid of charges and be free of these expenses. Also according to Caixa Econômica Federal, it is possible to do this both in Caixa Tem and in Internet Banking.

digital help

Data from Caixa Econômica Federal itself show that something around 70% of beneficiaries of Emergency Aid use these digital devices to move the money in question.

This means that another 30% do not use these apps. For this group of people, what remains is to wait until the date of release of the withdrawals, which, as said, is currently happening gradually.

The Federal Government’s Emergency Aid is making payments to something around 37 million Brazilians. The values ​​remain the same since the beginning of the transfers. These are installments that vary between R$ 150 and R$ 375 depending on the public that receives it.

Despite complaints about these values, the Government claims that it will not be able to increase these levels. According to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, this could compromise the public spending ceiling.

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