Xbox Series S to have new version with AMD 6nm APU and more compute units in 2022 [RUMOR]

In addition, the first version should have price cuts

O Xbox Series S is the console with the best cost-benefit ratio of the new generation, especially here in Brazil, with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 surpassing the house of 5,500 reais. According to youtuber Moore’s Law is Dead, O Xbox Series S to get a revised version with an AMD 6nm APU next year.

According to youtuber, Microsoft is expected to update its two next-gen consoles from next year. Starting with the Xbox Series S, which should receive a APU with better specs and with 6nm fabrication. With that, the console could have a Complete APU with 24 Computational Units.

The APU of the current version of the Xbox Series S has 20 Computational Units. According to Videocardz, the choice to cut 4 UC is for the APU, which is manufactured in 7nm, to have a good performance. YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead says that with these four computational units enabled, which would possibly lead to higher clocks, the console could be up to 50% stronger.

It would be unsurprising to say that a console with better performance would cost more. The supposedly improved Xbox Series S must cost about $50 more ($350) than the current version. Rumors also indicate that Microsoft would be cutting prices on the 2020 Xbox Series S to between 189 to 249 dollars. This would indicate that Microsoft intends to have both models on the market at the same time.

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The information that Moore’s Law is Dead had access doesn’t say whether the revised APU would still continue using Zen 2 or if it would already switch to Zen 3. AMD will release the new generation of Rembrandt APUs next year. These APUs will have RDNA 2 graphics and will be based on Zen 3.

According to youtuber, the Xbox division is a SaaS (Software as a Service) and the Game Pass plays an important role in the decision to create a new version of the Xbox Series S. With the new console, Microsoft would be offering gamers more choices, mainly with the price cut of the current version.

An revised version of Xbox Series X is planned for 2023 or later, according to unofficial information, but no extra details were disclosed.

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Via: VideoCardz