Zilu Godoi is present at Rose Miriam’s birthday and declares: ”My beloved friend”

Zilu Godoi celebrates Rose Miriam’s birthday and doesn’t hide affection for her friend in a special tribute

Zilu Godoi (63) used social media to celebrate a very special friendship!

The businesswoman, who is living in the United States, set up a space on her social networks to celebrate the anniversary of Rose Miriam di Matteo (58), widow of the entrepreneur and TV presenter Gugu Liberato (1959-2019) and thrilled fans by remembering their long-time friendship.

On Monday night, 6th, the influencer made a point of attending the businesswoman’s 58th birthday and celebrated with great style.

“The day was more than special because in addition to toasting your life, we were able to enjoy your presence and experience your joy! Congratulations, my beloved friend! I wish God to richly bless you every day!”, she celebrated.

In the publication’s comments, internet users and admirers also congratulated the birthday girl. “Beautiful! Much love to you guys”, commented one. “Two strong women”, highlighted another. “What a joy to celebrate”, pointed a third.

Zilu Godoi is present at Rose Miriam’s birthday:

Son of Gugu and Rose Miriam is missed:

One of the most felt absences on her mother’s birthday was that of João Augusto Liberato (19), who would be fighting in court for his father’s inheritance. the twins Sofia and Marina (17) were alongside Rose Miriam. The heir criticized the family recently: “I am saddened and indignant to see the lies and the new manipulation that my sisters, two teenagers, who do not realize that people are serving their own interests, have been suffering. If they were older and more experienced, they would, without a doubt.”, she said, in support of her aunt, Aparecida Liberato, sister of Gugu.

After the episode, when Marina and Sofia were emancipated, the brothers stopped following each other on social media. Sofia, at the time, vented about the way the two were treated by her aunt, recalling that Aparecida denied the purchase of a Porsche. “It was what I always dreamed of.”

Considered one of the greatest presenters in Brazil, Gugu Liberato died aged 60 in November 2019 after suffering a fall at his home in Orlando, in the United States. He left 75% of his assets, valued at R$1 billion, to his three children and another 25% to his five nephews.

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