A scene cut from the Caldeirão falls on the internet and Tiago Leifert is exposed taking an unusual attitude; WATCH!

James Leifert
A cut scene from Cauldron hits the internet and Tiago Leifert is exposed rolling (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

An unusual scene that needed to be cut from the premiere edition of Cauldron with Mion ended up on the internet at last tuesday (07). The person responsible for the “leak” was none other than Marcos Mion, holder of the attraction. In the images, James Leifert appears rolling to the sound of Gretchen.

The fun moment happened during the recordings of the painting Sobe o Som, in which the guests of the program need to discover some songs listening only to the instrumental part.

When subtitled the post, Mionzera warned the followers that he will ask the cute so that the program is made available in full on the Globoplay.

“Look at the things we have to cut from the Caldeirão because of time! Let’s ask Boninho to release the uncut version for Globoplay! Auntie, this one made history, brother!”, declared.

“Her face STRESSED when rolling sexy without being vulgar is PRICELESS! In fact, that’s how I signed my contract! I said to Boninho: ‘Do you doubt I put Tiago Leifert to do the piripiri with Gretchen on stage?’ – He: ‘I doubt it!’ – Me: ‘Then hire me!’. Done”, he joked then.

Internet users, of course, had fun with the dance. “We want Tiago on TikTok for now”, warned a fan. “Mion and Tiago together could only come to this”, mocked another.

James is the best person, there’s no way, stated one more.He’s so much better than that! It was stuck from the column, poor thing!“, also reacted Daiana Gardin, Leifert’s wife.

Recently, the BBB presenter said he was one of the advocates for Mion’s entry into Globo. The revelation came after the former Record thanked him for his presence as a guest of the first Cauldron.

It’s very important for me to have the endorsement and support and welcome of artists as renowned as you“, he said. Leifert then replied:

“You know how much I advocated in your cause to see you here, I always cheered a lot. I’m a fan and I’m very happy with your happiness. Everything worked. Welcome!”.


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