Aécio Neves did not participate in a meeting in which PSDB declared its opposition

Federal deputy Aécio Neves did not participate in the meeting in which the PSDB decided to declare its opposition to the government of Jair Bolsonaro. The virtual meeting lasted more than three hours and brought together 56 toucans.

Aécio was represented by close allies, such as the deputy from Minas Gerais Paulo Abi Ackel. With the support of Rodrigo de Castro, the leader of the party in the Chamber, the group of deputies closest to pocketnarismo pushed for the PSDB not to decree support for impeachment in this meeting.

PSDB leaders affirm that the call for the meeting was made to all party leaders because a decision taken by the Chamber bench would have the opposite of the desired nature. The fear was that the acronym would behave in a similar way to the occasion of the printed vote, when fourteen of the 31 deputies endorsed the PocketNarist project.

At the end of the meeting, deputy from São Paulo Carlos Sampaio managed to include in the final version of the note released to the public a critique of the “PT political and economic model” which, according to the PSDB, “also [é] responsible for the deep crisis we are facing”. Sampaio was one of the architects of Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment within the acronym.

Despite the criticism of PT, there were those who signaled the need to join forces in the face of Bolsonaro’s coup threats. Paraíba deputy Pedro Cunha Lima said he regretted the criticism he made of Tasso Jereissati after the senator’s meeting with Lula, and stated that greater dialogue with other political aspects is necessary.

The impeachment-friendly toucans are betting that Bolsonaro will not moderate the speech and want to organize a new meeting in three weeks. They believe that they may increase pressure on other cadres of the acronym if the president manages to further aggravate the institutional crisis.

After the publication of the note, Aécio Neves’ advisors got in touch and informed that the deputy considered the decision taken by the PSDB’s National Executive to be correct.