Afraid of a fiasco, Globo shortens next soap opera of nine unpublished · TV News

The soap opera Um Lugar ao Sol, which will replace the rerun of Império (2014) at 9 pm on Globo, will be on the air for just over four months. Lícia Manzo’s plot was shortened mainly because the network’s dramaturgy director fears that the story will be a failure. The bet is bigger on the success of the Pantanal remake in 2022.

In all, Um Lugar ao Sol will have 107 original chapters on the air. It was predicted to have 155 — a cut of 48 chapters — and the premiere is scheduled for November 8th. The last chapter is due to air on March 11, 2022.

Um Lugar ao Sol will be the shortest serial since O Fim do Mundo (1996), shown as a fill-in between Explode Coração (1995) and O Rei do Gado (1996), with 35 chapters. Not even soap operas with a low rating of the time had such a big cut.

In Família (2014) and Babilônia (2015), two historical failures, 143 chapters were produced. The Law of Love (2016), another that was bad, had more than the two previous ones: 155. Even Amor de Mãe (2020), damaged by the pandemic, had more episodes in total and ended with 125.

The main reason for the cut, as found by the TV news, is that Globo’s management does not see in Lícia Manzo’s serials a story capable of mobilizing the public and raising the time of 9 pm after Império’s poor performance. A writer praised for her long dialogues, Lícia was never a champion of ibope with her projects.

A Vida da Gente (2011) is considered excellent, but it did not obtain high ratings in either of the two exhibitions – the last one ended recently, before the premiere of Nos Tempos do Imperador. Sete Vidas (2015) also had its qualities always highlighted by the critics, but it ranks among the lowest audiences in the history of the 18:00 hours.

Another determining factor for the reduction was the Covid-19 pandemic. A Place in the Sun costs more to produce because of all the security protocols. It is noteworthy that the telenovela began to be recorded before the pandemic, with scenes in Austria, which made her cuts even more expensive.

But the greatest expectation is that Pantanal, with a grandiose production and a history that was successful in the 1990s, will have more appeal to the public.

Interestingly, the reduction makes Lícia Manzo a kind of “queen of short novels”. Sete Vidas had 106 chapters, while A Vida da Gente had 137.

Um Lugar ao Sol will be played by Cauã Reymond, in the role of the twins Cristian and Renato. One grew up in an orphanage, the other was raised by a wealthy family. The cast includes Alinne Moraes, Andréia Horta, Marieta Severo, Daniel Dantas, among others. The direction is by Maurício Farias