After his son’s death, Whindersson says ‘the sky is harder to look at’ – Entertainment

Whindersson Nunes spoke again of his son’s death, John Michael, this Thursday (8). In a tone of relief, the youtuber posted a photo on Twitter in which he appears inside a plane, looking at the window, and his eyes filled with tears.

“The sky today is the most difficult place to look at, I miss my little one a lot, but it will pass and only love will remain”, he wrote in the caption.

In just 1 hour, the publication reached over 75,000 likes and Whindersson received support from fans and followers.

“I’m sorry, Whind. It breaks my heart to see you like this, I hope that someday your heart has some peace in this matter”, commented a netizen. “I won’t say I understand your pain. I’m not a father. I’m not a public figure. But I just wanted to tell you that he came into your life to show you what love really is. You’ll be fine. For now, just feel whatever you have to feel and don’t blame yourself for it,” posted one more.

“Your little one is proud of you! Like the sky, your love for him will be great, extensive in countless sizes. When the nostalgia hits, remember to admire the stars, he will be smiling at you and showing you the paths you must follow, like the moon it will calm your turbulent sea,” wrote another.

João Miguel, the result of Whindersson’s relationship with Maria Lina Deggan born premature, at 22 weeks, and died two days later, on May 31, 2021. The comedian and the engineering student announced the end of engagement on august 13.

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