After Lisca leaves, Guto Ferreira and Fernando Diniz are sought by Vasco | Vasco

Even with the next game scheduled for the next 16th, against CRB, Vasco’s board hopes to quickly define the name of its new coach after Lisca resigned. Also on Wednesday, the soccer command defined its priorities, and Guto Ferreira and Fernando Diniz, who recently left Ceará and Santos respectively, are on the radar.

+Lisca resigns from Vasco

Guto Ferreira, Ceará — Photo: Thiago Gadelha/SVM

In contact with the GE, Adriano Spadoto, Guto Ferreira’s agent, confirmed that he had talked to Vasco’s football executive, Alexandre Bird, this Wednesday night. Guto intends to take some time to rest, as he was 17 months ahead of Ceará, from March 2020 until last week.

Despite the desire for a vacation after a long period of work, Guto understands that a club the size of Vasco is indeed a great opportunity. In addition, Spadoto has a great relationship with Bird and hopes to convince the client to close with the Cariocas.

Fernando Diniz, who worked with Alexandre Bird in São Paulo, is also highly regarded in São Januário. He was fired by Santos last weekend after losing to Cuiabá.

Fernando Diniz in Cuiabá x Santos — Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC

Known for putting together teams that have a taste for the ball, Diniz is seen as an interesting option to make Vasco play ball again.