All wrong! Nothing justifies the presence of Arcrebiano at the Farm 13 – 09/09/2021

This Thursday morning, there was a special edition of Hoje em Dia to announce some participants of the next A Fazenda. Among the 7 revealed, nothing new in relation to the lists that ran on the internet in recent days.

The actors Victor Pecoraro, semi-anonymous, and Mussunzinho, heir of Trapalhões, are confirmed. In addition to them, controversial figures such as the quarantine drill Liziane Gutierrez and the singer Nego do Borel, entangled in legal problems and in search of popular redemption.

Tati Quebra Barraco was laconic in his responses to journalists, but apparently he will also be present at the farm, after years of speculation. As well as digital influencer Mileide Mihaile, famous for her imbroglios with Wesley Safadão.

Until then, a cast within the normal range. The traditional intelligent mix of people that nobody knows with people that everybody would like not to know, the traditional tone of rural reality.

The deal really goes off the rails when we are told that Arcrebiano will be on the show. For those who don’t remember, it’s the same citizen who asked to leave BBB 21 after getting involved with Karol Conká, even running away from responsibility in one of the most troubled nights in the history of world TV, and also from No Limite, another reality show for which was inexplicably invited to participate.

It is already more than proven that the boy does not yield, thanks also to a great difficulty in expressing himself when pressured. In the quick interview with journalists on Hoje em Dia, he was so nervous that he could barely organize coherent sentences.

The impression that remains is that Arcrebiano will be in Itapecerica da Serra only to serve as a marketing stunt, attracting the attention of fans of the genre and also the part of society that is disgusted with such an escalation. I am sorry for that!

We return at any time with new information.