Almost caught by an alligator, Fernanda Keulla is saved by Munhoz in the Pantanal of MS

Former BBC Fernanda Keulla – who took the millionaire award in the 2013 edition of the program – learned that our Pantanal is not to be played with. After almost being bitten by an alligator on the riverbank, lurking about her, the presenter’s trauma only remained in fright. The episode took place during a safari in the Pantanal biome of MS to record a gastronomic program.

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Tragicomic scene, Fernanda Keulla took the scare of her life when she almost took a bite from a pantaneiro alligator.

However, it was Raphael Munhoz – from the duo with Mariano – the “hero” of the round, “saving” Fernanda from taking a huge bite. Sertanejo that he is, the artist from Campo Grande quickly alerted the ex-sister seconds before a possible tragedy that, thankfully, did not materialize. After all, the tone of the text would be different…

Arriving quietly, the alligator in question caught Fernanda completely distracted, but not enough to stop being scared and run towards the riverside forest.

Accompanied by a tour guide and by the singer Munhoz, from the duo with Mariano, Fernanda soon took the proper distance.

In the video, it is possible to hear Munhoz’s voice making a shrewd warning, so that the ex-sister could move away a little. In a matter of seconds, the reptile tries to lunge.

Watch the scene below:

By being shared on YouTube, the funny situation – for those who watch the video, of course – became a meme on social networks. All part of the “next scenes” of an episode that airs.

Hosted by Fernanda, “Food Safari” is an online variety program from the “Hey Ho!” channel, shown on YouTube itself. The idea of ​​the nickname “cattle queen” is to catch the ex-sister experiencing the taste of becoming a “real” sertaneja.

Shown on YouTube, Fernanda is shown weekly how it is to live the life of a “cattle queen”.

Last week, the edition showed Fernanda and the singer Munhoz strolling “on your own” through the Pantanal Sul on a peaceful safari, getting to know the wild animals, the landscapes of the biome and experiencing the typical foods of the region. However, the “radical” adventure will only be in its entirety in the 9th edition of the program, yet to be shown.