Ana Paula Araújo cries at a health center when she witnesses the attitude of her 13-year-old daughter

Ana Paula Araújo talks about her daughter (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Presenter of Good morning Brazil, the journalist Ana Paula Araújo he couldn’t contain his emotion when he saw his daughter taking her covid-19 vaccine.

Through her Instagram profile, she said that Melissa, who is only 13 years old, took his first dose, and made a point of posting a photo of the moment.

Moved, the journalist said that she even cried at the health center, happy with the fact that the immunizing agent had already reached young people aged 12 to 14 in Rio de Janeiro.

“And today I cried at the health center…. Too much emotion to see my daughter vaccinated!”, wrote in the caption. It is worth remembering that she had her vaccine in June this year.

At the time, Ana Paula shot:

“Too much emotion! It feels like starting to come out of the nightmare. Relief mixed with sadness for those who didn’t have the chance. If it’s your turn, run to the health clinic!”.

Also, in recent months, she has been able to return to her old partnership with Chico Pinheiro at Bom Dia Brasil, after more than a year away for belonging to the risk group.

By revealing the output of Giuliana Morrone, Ana Paula Araújo announced:

“Starting on Monday, Giuliana Morrone will join the Jornal da Globo team. Heraldo Pereira takes over the news from Brasília here, at Bom Dia Brasil, and Chico Pinheiro back to the studio”.

Then, the anchor thanked the eight years of partnership with Morrone. “Giuliana, thank you very much for the partnership in the last eight years at Bom Dia Brasil. Good luck, success, we’ll miss you”, he admitted.

Straight from Brasília, the journalist could not hold back her emotion and thanked the Bom Dia Brasil team for their affection.

“Thank you so much Ana. I usually say and think that life is movement. The time has come for me to move. I want to ask you to thank the whole team, who is behind the scenes and on the small screen”, he vented.

“Thank you so much, I am thrilled with the messages I received. And let’s go ahead. Now, instead of hearing me say ‘good morning’, you’ll hear me say ‘good night’”, completed.

Chico Pinheiro took the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on April 2nd at the health post near Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro. “Long live SUS!”, celebrated the journalist at the time.

He took the second dose in late April. With the confirmation of the doses, Globo sought the best moment for his return.

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