Ana Paula Padrão denies prejudiced speech about meat

Ana Paula Padrão, 55, used social media this afternoon to report that she was upset with the controversy surrounding her talk about goat meat in the latest episode of “MasterChef”. The Band presenter even explained that editing the attraction cut the context of her conversation and apologized to the audience.

Through stories on Instagram, Ana Paula Padrão began her apology by telling a story from Recife, Pernambuco, to explain her knowledge of goat meat.

Guys, I’m here to tell you a story. I have many friends in Pernambuco, one of them very dear, who is Murilo Cavalcante. On one of the times I went to have lunch at his house in Recife, he served a stew that was very tasty, but I couldn’t recognize what the meat was because of the taste. I asked him after lunch and he said ‘Ana, this is goat meat. Goat stew and several other goat dishes are very common in my region.’ He is from Cabrobó, in the semiarid region of Pernambuco. But [os pratos] they are very few known from the center-south of Brazil and he gave me a historical context for that. He told me that for a long time the goat was one of the few sources of animal protein in the semiarid region of the Northeast and in recent years an incredible gastronomic culture with goat-based dishes has developed.

Ana Paula Padrão apologizes for faux pas at MasterChef - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Ana Paula Padrão apologizes for faux pas on MasterChef

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Afterwards, the presenter brought the story into the context experienced during the last episode of “MasterChef” and declared that her speech ended up being “prejudiced” due to a wrong editing by the production team.

“When our guest Rafael Cortez told chef Helena Rizzo that those meats he would never eat would be the goat, that it would be an ‘inedible’ animal, I told him: ‘you don’t know what you’re missing’ and told him a little of this story for him. But not everything we record goes on air,” he declared, and apologized to the audience.

“Guys, not everything we recorded was aired and I’m here, humbly, to apologize. The sentence that was aired doesn’t reflect what I think, it doesn’t reflect everything I’ve studied in the region, nor does it reflect my history. Nor does it reflect the history of MasterChef, who always tries to bring different ingredients, different ways of cooking from the south, north, northeast and all regions to be known throughout Brazil and to be proud of all Brazilians. I am and what I think. I’m sorry. It really seemed very prejudiced there,” he concluded.

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In the last episode of “Masterchef”, on Band, Ana Paula Padrão was the target of criticism after a speech about goat meat in the program.

During the challenge to cook unusual meats to the participants, such as alligator, wild boar and goat meat, the presenter made the following statement about goat meat:

“In the interior of Pernambuco, for example, it is a very common dish because it is a dish of hunger. It is a dish for those who have very little,” he stated.

On social networks, the name of Ana Paula Padrão became one of the main issues with the classification that her statement about goat meat was prejudiced..