Anderson Silva Awaits St-Pierre in Boxing and Blasts Dana White: “It’s Ridiculous” | boxing

This Saturday, the Staples Center gym in Los Angeles, known for being the home of the Lakers and Clippers in basketball, opens its doors to MMA legends, who will measure forces in a boxing ring. One of the highlights of the night will be Anderson Silva, who will face American Tito Ortiz. In the days leading up to the fight, the Brazilian did not hide the game and discussed several issues, including his relationship with Dana White and a possible return to the octagons. He also chorused for a possible unprecedented clash with Georges St-Pierre in the new career modality.

Anderson Silva vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr — Photo: Jam Media/Getty Images

Almost hegemonic in their UFC categories, Silva and St-Pierre always lived with the fans’ expectations for a fight, especially during the period when they dominated the Octagons. The long-awaited dispute, however, should wait a little longer due to a veto by UFC president Dana White against the Canadian. Now, it is the Brazilian himself who joined in the chorus for the clash, as he stated in an interview with the podcast “Trocção Franca”.

– St. Pierre is a guy who deserves, not only him, but everyone, Vitor (Belfort), Tito (Ortiz), (Oscar) De La Hoya deserve respect, they are legends. I think it would be an interesting fight, but the “almighty” needs to stop being boring and let him go his own way. Nothing coming from Dana surprises me. I would like you to release it, the guy (St-Pierre) has the physical strength to keep fighting. There’s no reason to be stuck, for ego, it’s ridiculous. The guy doesn’t want to fight MMA anymore, he has the possibility of fighting another two, three, four, five years in boxing, making the new normal. He’s not going to fight a new guy, but someone who has the conditions to perform well. And you holding the guy in a contract after everything he’s done for your company, doing something like that, it’s ridiculous. You don’t need that – fired the Brazilian.

Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz promote boxing in a friendly atmosphere

Anderson Silva vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr — Photo: Manuel Velasquez/Getty Images

While the meeting with the Canadian does not become a reality, Silva counts the last days for the second fight of his professional boxing career, against the American Tito Ortiz, who makes his debut in the sport this Saturday.

– Tito is a legend and must be respected. A fight is a fight, and it will be a war. I’m getting ready for a big battle. It was an opportunity that arose. I usually say that I am a battalion with a ready job. I’m ready all the time. People don’t understand this, but it’s being ready anytime, anytime, and I’m always training, always prepared for any challenge.

With 34 wins in 44 fights in MMA, Silva is looking for his second win in boxing. In his debut, he beat Julio Cesar Chavez Junior. Although he does not rule out a possible return to the octagon in the future, the Brazilian has no doubts that the relationship between athletes and organizers needs to change, especially given the president’s stance.

– I always ran into him (Dana). Everyone who ever ran into him ended up having problems. Dana White is Dana White. It’s the biggest representative of the UFC, in my opinion it’s not, it’s the athletes. But as long as they don’t position themselves correctly, are afraid to position themselves, this will continue to happen, because the new generation creates in the mentality that wants to go to the UFC, but they are not united. If they were united and understood their value within the sport and the company, this would change for the new generations – said “Spider”, who reinforced the importance of raising awareness among athletes even before entering into contracts.

– I had great moments in the UFC, I had my fights with Dana, and we put everything on a straight path. My personal opinion about him is one, my professional position is another, and I think that people who are not happy have to look at the contract before making the commitment, because it is easy to take charge and direct the direction of their career. When you sign a contract you’re going to be stuck with it, there’s no way to negotiate, it’s complicated to talk about Dana later. He will do what is best for his company, and you, as an athlete, have to understand that you are his company, and your representatives have to fight for their rights, which is not the case with most businessmen – he added.

Two Brazilian MMA legends in boxing. It’s live only in Combate!

Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz will fight this Saturday, in an event that still features the fight of Vitor Belfort and Oscar de la Hoya in the boxing rings. TV Globo and Combate broadcast the fights live, after Altas Horas.