Android 12 has two great new features released in its last beta; check out

It’s short for Android 12 to come out, but news is still appearing on Google’s system. In the latest testing update, Beta 5, Material You-based clock widgets have finally debuted and the Smart Device Quick Control section has been given a dedicated area on the lock screen.

The first of the new features, the new Material You-based widgets, was one of the most anticipated additions since the introduction of Android 12. The set comes straight from the latest update (7.0) of Google’s Clock app and fills the main screen with rounded corners, new font and dynamic colors that follow the style of the new design language.

The clock colors vary according to the color of the wallpaper on which the add-on was inserted (Image: Renato Santino/Canaltech)

Unlike the rest of the system, Android 12 clock widgets are not colored according to the predominant color of the wallpaper, but only that of the area they are inserted. Currently, there are four models of clocks available: analog, digital, “stack” and “world” — the latter with two spaces to enter up to two different time zones.

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Easy Access Controls

Android 11 already makes it easy to control smart devices in the home with a dashboard entirely dedicated to it; on Android 12, Google takes another step towards practicality: the section that allows you to make quick adjustments to connected devices is accessible right from the lock screen.

In doing so, the company responded to a major criticism from Android 12 testers, who had grown accustomed to the connected home controls accessible via the power button on Android 11. A recurring complaint was that the new model created more friction on the Android 11 use of the feature, but the inclusion of the shortcut on the lock screen simplifies the situation.

The control panel has been added as a button in the lower left corner of the screen and basically gives access to all connected appliances in the house — speakers, lamps, air conditioners, coffee makers and outlets, for example — for quick adjustments like turn on and turn off.

Quick controls are accessible directly from the lock screen (Image: Renato Santino/Canaltech)

Any changes made there, however, require the device to be unlocked on the spot, which makes the process somewhat less practical than turning on the cell phone screen, tapping twice and accomplishing the goal. Still, it’s much more practical than turning on the display, unlocking, pulling the notification tray, entering the quick control section and only then gaining access to smart devices — in practice, it was faster to put a shortcut to Google Home on the home screen.

So far, Android 12 has no set date for release, but it shouldn’t take long. The Beta 5 version is also known as Release Candidate (RC), that is, if everything goes well, it will be the same one that will debut as a stable version soon. Developers must now finish their work on adapting applications, as nothing substantive is likely to change in the operating system.

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