Another company in Cabo Frio announces end and suspends payments

After starting to delay customer withdrawals, the CEO of Alphabets in Cabo Frio, Rogério Cruz, announced the end of the company and the suspension of payments for 30 days.

Acting in the sports betting sector, Alphabets promised its customers gains above the market. In addition, whoever took more people to invest would earn bonuses, a practice called multilevel marketing.

With these characteristics, Alphabets soon attracted attention in Cabo Frio, since to start the company the most basic package was only R$ 100.00. However, when the income started to show up, many customers got excited and ended up putting more money in what could be more scam in the city nicknamed “New Egypt”.

Recently, Cabo Frio gained national repercussion due to the large amount of coups acting in the Lakes Region. In late August, for example, Operation Kryptos triggered by the PF arrested the leader of Gas Consultoria, the largest company in the region.

How did Alphabets’ possible scheme work?

Unlike Gas Consultoria, which promised income from trading cryptocurrencies, Alphabets had its operations linked to the sports betting sector, and its dealers were responsible for capturing investments and making profits in the market.

Thus, they were promised the receipt of daily income, which could be withdrawn by customers, at least until the last month of August, when withdrawals started to be delayed. In some periods, the scheme promised up to 50% a month.

In publications, CEO Rogério Cruz started talking about the delays, indicating to customers that “maintenance was being carried out on the system”, which was recording errors. A video of the leader thanking the money transfers, recorded inside a luxury car, caught investors’ attention.

“I appreciate your money.”

The main leaders alongside Rogério were Vinícius Zoccoli and Daniel Porto, the latter who even appears in a video buying luxury vehicles alongside the CEO of Alphabets and mocking that the “company paid”, clearly showing that the investors’ money was converted in payments of personal expenses.

In the video, he informs that he bought more than R$ 1 million in vehicles and had the intention of reaching R$ 2 million in goods.

Nurse lost money saved throughout life in possible financial pyramid scheme

A nurse ended up releasing a report about the case of Alphabets, after noticing the end of the company that invested R$ 10 thousand.

According to her, who did not have her name revealed, this amount was the money collected throughout her professional life, acquired in shifts of up to 24 hours in a row, but which ended up lost in the company.

It reportedly started investing in Alphabets in August 2021, when withdrawal problems began. When she asked for her first cashout on September 1st, she didn’t even receive a support contact.

Nurse lost money saved in a lifetime at Alphabets
Nurse lost money saved in whole life/Reproduction

What did Alphabets CEO say when he announced the end of the company?

Last Wednesday night (8), Alphabets CEO Rogério Cruz posted on an Instagram profile that the company had come to an end.

In his public statement, he said that he had no way of maintaining the company’s systems and that, therefore, it was necessary to close down the activities. It’s worth noting that it even asks for a period of 30 days for customers to wait to receive their withdrawals.

Note released by Leader Rogério Cruz on suspension of Alphabets payments
Note released by Leader Rogério Cruz on suspension of payments/Instagram

On Alphabets social networks and groups, customers who saw the end of activities were outraged with the closure of the company without allowing withdrawals.

“Own cryptocurrency” would be highly valued in the market, but it didn’t come off the paper

The company promised that it would even create its own cryptocurrency (K-Sports Coin) and invest in cryptocurrencies, but that never happened.

But in a live in late August, Rogério Cruz said the cryptocurrency would appreciate a lot and bring more money to investors. He even said that the coin would be released on the market, but there was not much time.

Alphabets had announced the creation of the cryptocurrency K-sports Coin, but it never got off the ground.
Alphabets had announced the creation of the K-sports Coin cryptocurrency, but it did not come off the paper/Reproduction

O livecoins he sought out Rogério Cruz to comment on the accusations of a financial coup, but he did not receive a response until closing and the space remains open.

Closed office and Rogério on his way to Dubai

On social networks, customers went to Alphabets’ office to charge leaders for the money they contributed to the business. However, when they arrived at the place, they found the abandoned place, with no one to answer their questions.

It is worth noting that Rogério Cruz, despite promising customers that he will pay the amounts in 30 days, has other plans for the same period.

According to a publication by the Alphabets group on social networks, he declared that he will be in Dubai a month from now and said “see you next time“, that is, it is not clear what he plans on the end of his company. Their profiles on social networks were deleted after the publications and repercussions of the case.

Rogério Cruz says he's going to Dubai in 30 days
Rogério Cruz says he’s going to Dubai in 30 days/Facebook

Several clients disclosed information that he would already be on his way to Dubai, since the announcement of the end of Alphabets was last Thursday.

In the Complain Here of “Poupeinveste Investimentos EIRELI”, the name of the registration company, clients continue complaining about the impossibility of withdrawing their investments.

Task force investigates 30 companies in Cabo Frio and region

A task force of police stations from various cities is now investigating these investment schemes, from the region that is being called “New Egypt”.

According to journalist Lauro Jardim, there are 30 companies in the Lakes Region under the authorities’ sights.

It is not clear whether one of these companies is Alphabets and, therefore, CEO Rogério Cruz decided to cease its activities. Even so, it is clear that the Lakes Region ended up seeing large companies causing millionaire losses to families.

Alphabets alone is estimated to have attracted 50,000 people to the business, and this company may have registered a million-dollar loss in the region.

Lawyer specializing in cases involving cryptocurrencies believes that the case is similar to so many others in pyramids

In a conversation with lawyer Artemio Picanço, a specialist in financial pyramid crimes and who handles cases against Atlas Quantum and other companies that have applied scams in Brazil, he told the livecoins that the case of Alphabets, which came to an end, is similar to that of so many other crimes against the popular economy.

“The case of Alphabets is similar to so many others that involve crimes against the popular economy. In short, there is a phase in which the business is blamed on third parties, whether for hacking or problems with government authorities, at this time, the error itself or even the intent of improperly withholding investors’ money is never admitted. In time, the withdrawal delay script follows the same path as the others, asking customers for a longer period for payment to restructure the company, when, in similar cases, after the withdrawal of withdrawals, there is no news of any company that has returned to function normally. This practice is prohibited in the legal system, being considered abusive in light of art. 39 of law n. 8078/90″.