António Oliveira is no longer coach of Athletico Paranaense

Coach António Oliveira announced, this Thursday (9), the departure of Athletico Paranaense. The Portuguese did not resist the defeat to Cascavel, in the last Wednesday (08), which eliminated Hurricane from the Paraná Championship of 2021. Check out:

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Oliveira leaves office after nearly five months. He took effective command of Athletico in April, in the team’s game for the Copa Sudamericana. Since then, there have been 38 matches, with 20 wins, seven draws and another 11 defeats.

The pressure of the fans against the Portuguese coach began to increase since the middle of last month, when Athletico failed to add as many points in the Brasileirão. In the last 12 matches, the team from Curitiba only managed two wins, which led to the resignation.

Athletico Paranaense, who will now turn to the market to find a new commander, currently ranks ninth in the Brazilian Championship, is in the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil and in the semifinals of the Copa Sudamericana. The next appointment is for Brasileirão, on Saturday (11), in front of América-MG, at Independência, at 16:00 (GMT).