Anvisa: CBF negotiated with Casa Civil to continue the game; confederation denies – 08/09/2021

With Thiago Braga, collaboration for UOL

In a complementary report on the events that took place last Sunday (5), public servant Yunes Baptista, from Anvisa, stated that the acting president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, wanted to continue the game with Argentina after claiming to negotiate with the minister of the House Civil, Ciro Nogueira.

According to the official, who went to Neo QuĂ­mica Arena to fine the four Argentines accused of lying to enter Brazil, Ednaldo approached him around 4:45 pm, stating that he was in contact with the Civil House and asking the server to talk to the minister, what was rejected by Yunes.

“I denied the contact and informed him to go to the board of Anvisa, which I was subordinate, since it was a sanitary and legal action,” said the server.

In his defense, Ednaldo says that he doesn’t even have contact with Ciro Nogueira and that he never spoke to the server about this issue.

“The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Ednaldo Rodrigues, vehemently denies that he has made any contact with ANVISA servers under the terms reported in the Complementary Event Report on the match between Brazil and Argentina. Nor did he authorize anyone to speak on his behalf. The president of the CBF did not talk about this or any other matter with the minister of the Civil House, Ciro Nogueira, he doesn’t even have his telephone contact. The version is fanciful,” said the top hat, in a note sent to the column.

The minister has been contacted by the column since Saturday, but has not yet responded. In a statement on Monday, the Casa Civil said that “it is not up to the Casa Civil to authorize the entry into the field of players who are already in the country and who have not complied with Brazilian health rules.”

Before the fact with Ednaldo, Yunes also reported that, after entering the field, members of Conmebol, CBF and AFA held dialogues so that he would not enter the field during the match. A representative of the Brazilian confederation even tried to argue to wait for the game break, as they (the four Argentines) would be replaced.

The server, however, did not agree, as it was not a negotiation, but a corrective legal and sanitary action for non-compliance with the law – the four work in the United Kingdom and entered Brazil without respecting the 14-day quarantine period for travelers who come from that location. And, according to Anvisa, they still lied in the declaration of entry into the country.

Yunes added that several others who identified themselves as leaders of some institution asked if any negotiation would be possible, as well as others tried to have more discreet conversations, such as the member of the Conmebol governance committee, Sergio Ribas.

“He asked if he could provide the telephone number for contacting any director of Anvisa to which he would report,” said the server.

The column also sought out Conmebol to comment on the information, but has not yet received an answer.