Architect changes the groom less than a day before the wedding

Architect Eder Meneghine, 60, decided to change boyfriends less than 24 hours before the wedding. The decorator who lives in Rio de Janeiro, warned guests that the night would be unforgettable and full of surprises. What people didn’t expect is for him to marry his ex-boyfriend, 44-year-old chef Hugo Oliveira.

Architect changes the groom less than a day before the wedding

Credit: Eder Meneghine – Personal ArchiveArchitect changes the groom less than a day before the wedding

The invitation sent to 120 people included the name of Dyl Reis, 23, from Minas Gerais, Meneghine’s boyfriend in recent months. However, who said “yes” to the architect was her former boyfriend, Hugo Oliveira.

“No one there will ever forget that night, that much I’m sure. But it won’t be because of the beauty of the place or the quality of the food and drink. But it was because of the surprise, because of the experience they had at that moment”, said Eder Meneghine, in an interview with the G1.

For a little over two months, Eder, who also owns restaurants and venues, organized the party of his dreams. He disbursed more than R$ 250 thousand for decoration, structure and services.

“I made a point of hiring the best cake, putting on the best decoration, making the best salmon, the best paella, the best shrimp, having 20 waiters serving the best whiskeys and champagnes, two DJs, all of the best quality. I did what I could and set up the most stunning party possible. I was happy with life”, said Eder Meneghine.

Less than 24 hours before the guests arrived at the event, however, Eder and Dyl got into a fight and broke up suddenly. According to the architect, some problems prevented the relationship from continuing.

“I knew him relatively little. We liked each other, and I took him to live with me in my house. Over time, I had this desire to make this wedding party, as I have done for many people, many artists. And I said to him: ‘Let’s get married?’ But he’s 23 years old and I’m 60. I intended to be happy. And I thought it would be”, he revealed.

After the stress was over, the businessman decided to keep the party and the ceremony going. All that remained was to find another fiance, who ended up being her ex-boyfriend.

“I lived for almost 20 years with my great companion, a fabulous chef. The person responsible even for forwarding what I managed to build with my restaurants. I thought about giving this man, who was always right with me, the opportunity that I would give to someone who has never done anything for me”, said the entrepreneur.

With information from G1