Argentina: Messi says where Copa America title fits on his trophy shelf and vents: ‘I’ve been through a lot’

In all, 37 titles lined up in his career. The last of them, by the Argentine national team, the america cup, unsuccessful on the Brazil in MaracanĂ£, was the subject for Lionel Messi this Wednesday (8).

In an exclusive interview with ESPN Argentina, the number 10 shirt, asked about where the South American tournament’s trophy gallery enters, changed the subject.

“I don’t know where it is, how important it is, but I know it was the most difficult. I spent a lot of things. I was lucky to be at a club where I won a lot of things, I won very quickly, a lot of things in a row,” he began by stating.

“In the case of the national team, it was competition after competition. But the most important thing was to win it. However, in terms of importance, I think that everyone is equal. After so much suffering, being able to take a trophy with the national team was special,” he added .

Throughout his career, 35 titles won by Barcelona, the club which he left in the current transfer window to play for Paris Saint-Germain, and two for Argentina, being only one at a professional level.

In the current season, the ace will have important competitions to line up even more cups. THE Call 1, competition in which you watch live by ESPNno Star+, a Champions League and the French Cup.