Armando Babaioff curses Bolsonaro’s lawyer when he meets him on the street: ‘I called him a bandit’

Frederick Wassef recorded a BO against the actor, who countered saying he didn’t threaten anyone

Reproduction/Globe Armando Babaioff said he did not threaten attorney Frederick Wassef

The actor Armando Babaioff generated controversy on social networks when reporting a disagreement he had with Frederick Wassef, family lawyer Bolsonaro, in Sao Paulo. The artist, who is currently on air in the rerun of “Ti Ti Ti”, on Globo, told what happened in a post made on Tuesday, 7, which was later deleted from Twitter. “I am in São Paulo working, I was going to lunch and I just met Wassef having a coffee. I could not resist. I called him a bandit and had him taken in the c*! (laughs) He came running after me!”. After the incident, Wassef opened a police report against the actor saying that “he was a victim, was a victim of threat, injury, slander and defamation.”

“The victim went to the police station informing him that he was inside a bakery when the author approached him in the company of a colleague and, upon recognizing him, began to utter curses and threats. Later, the victim learned on news websites that the aggressor had spread fake news, with distorted information about what had really happened. The case was registered by the 15th DP and is being investigated”, informed the Public Security Secretariat of São Paulo to Young pan. This Wednesday, the 8th, the actor spoke about the matter through social networks: “Another unreasonable lie from this gentleman. I would never threaten anyone, even what was said by him is unfounded, I have witnesses who can confirm what happened. Regrettable, Mr Wassef”. Armando limited the comments on the publication.

Actor Armando Babaioff's tweet print

Print of the post made by actor Armando Babaioff on Twitter – Source: Reproduction/Twitter/babaioff