At 44, Renata Fan posts a rare photo in a bikini and leaves fans in a state of shock because of the detail

Renata Fan
At 44 years old, Renata Fan posted a rare photo in a bikini and impresses with her good shape (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Renata Fan always appears on social networks with beautiful looks and records that leave fans awestruck, and in the last tuesday (07), it was no different.

Uninhibited, the sports host of Band shared on his Instagram feed a killer click in which he appears only in a bikini enjoying the holiday.

Is it a holiday that people talk about?! So let’s celebrate Fatherland Day with freedom, body, mind and Happiness from the top of my 44 years!”, wrote the muse in the caption.

“I’m proud to be able to post and accept me so well with the maturity that makes me feel good and is good! Souvenir from Trancoso, Bahia!”, she added, who won countless praise.

wonderful inside and out, reacted a follower. “A body is a body… devastating”, said another. You’re like wine, the more time goes by, the better it gets”, said yet a third person.

Despite being quite active on the web, Renata rarely posts bold photos. The last time the blonde ventured to expose images in a bikini was last summer.

Recently, the communicator received a birthday present. One day after reaching a young age, she revealed that she had been vaccinated against Covid-19. On her Instagram account, she said that one of the things that most marked her at the time of the immunization was the emotion she felt.

“Vaccinated! My birthday present arrived a day later and it was the vaccine! My brother and I received the vaccine today and I was so thrilled that I didn’t even remember to take it off.” celebrated the famous in the caption of the post.

During the Open Game, shown on Band, the supporter of Internacional emphasized the importance of people taking the immunizing agent.

“I want to share with Brazil that I got vaccinated today and I am very happy. For the collective good and for the individual good, it is important to get vaccinated and immunized so that we fight more and more against the coronavirus. My part is done”, vented the presenter at the time.

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