‘At that moment, I felt my leg go backwards’

At the moment of the bid, silence in the stadium. Adrián Martínez’s ‘criminal’ entry into Lionel Messi in the victory of Argentina 3-1 over Venezuela by South American World Cup qualifiers shocked the world. And, at the time, the star feared the worst.

In an interview with ESPN Argentina, the shirt 10 opened the game about what was going on in his head at the time of the move and revealed that he thought about having broken his leg.

“At that moment I felt my leg go back, I felt something in my knee too, I had a little pain during the game. Fortunately it was just the blow and nothing else, but at that moment the entry was ugly.”

The move took place 28 minutes into the first half. After the entry, referee Leodán González gave the advantage to the Argentine attack and, when the move ended, he gave the Venezuelan a yellow card.

However, when triggered by the VAR, the Uruguayan backtracked and presented the defender with the red card.



Garoto dribbled the security guards and took a photo with the number 10 of Argentina

Those commanded by Scaloni return to the field next Thursday (9) to face the Bolivia, at Monumental de Núñez, at 8:30 pm, for the World Cup qualifiers. It will be the first meeting of the Argentine players with the fans in a long time. And Messi celebrated.

“It’s a spectacular moment for us, we really want to enjoy everything that’s to come. We want to show our people the cup that was won.”

With 15 points from seven games, the Argentina is the runner-up in the qualifiers, seven points less than the Brazilian Team.