Australia determined to continue mining coal despite warnings

Australia determined to continue mining coal despite warnings

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Said Australia’s Energy Resource Exports Were Needed To Supply Developing Countries – AFP

Australia will continue to extract coal for export as a result of growing international demand, said on Thursday (9) Prime Minister Scott Morrison, ignoring the recommendations of a study that asks not to exploit 95% of this mineral resources in the country for try to stop global warming.

According to this study, published this week by the renowned journal Nature, 89% of the world’s coal resources and 95% of Australians should not be used to reach 50% of the chances of meeting the goal of limiting global warming to 1 .5 °C compared to pre-industrial levels.

The prime minister, however, considered that Australia’s energy resources were needed by developing countries and believed that the technology would likely soon allow coal to be burned “in a much more climate-friendly way.”

“We will continue to extract what resources we can sell in the world market,” added Morrison.

“Of course, we anticipate that global demand for these products may change over time,” he said.

The recent fires, droughts and unusually intense cyclones that have hit this country have worsened as a result of climate change, according to the scientists.

Environmentalists say passivity on this issue could cost the country’s economy billions of euros.

Australia, however, has refused to set a zero-carbon target and remains one of the world’s largest exporters of fossil fuels.

Coal exports accounted for 50 billion Australian dollars (31 billion euros, about 36.7 billion US dollars) of income in one year, and the industry has 50,000 direct jobs, said Australian Resources Minister Keith Pitt .

It is the country’s second largest export product, second only to iron ore.

“The reality is that global demand for Australian coal is increasing and is expected to continue to increase in the next decade,” the minister said in a statement, promising industry workers a “long-term commitment” from the government.

Leaders from 196 countries will gather between 31 October and 12 November in Glasgow (Scotland) for the World Climate Conference (COP26).

This meeting, considered the most important since the one in Paris in 2015 (COP21), plans to take a decisive step in setting goals to bring climate change to a halt.

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