Barroso says ‘democracy only has no place for those who intend to destroy it’ | Policy

Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), stated this Thursday (9) that “democracy only has no place for those who intend to destroy it.”

The statement was made in a speech at the opening of the TSE session in which Barroso countered, point by point, President Jair Bolsonaro’s speech during anti-democratic demonstrations held on 7 September.

Also according to Barroso, “it starts to get tiring for Brazil to have to repeatedly deny falsehoods, so that we are not dominated by the post-truth, by alternative facts, so that the repetition of the lie does not create the impression that it is true.”

Barroso also said that “insult is not an argument, offense is not courage”. “Incivility is a defeat of the spirit. The lack of composure shames us in front of the world”, he affirmed.

According to the minister, “the ‘brand’ Brazil is currently suffering a global devaluation.”

“It’s not just the real that is devaluing. We are victims of mockery and worldwide contempt. A discredit greater than inflation, unemployment, the fall in income, the rise of the dollar, the fall of the stock market, the deforestation of the Amazon, the number of deaths from the pandemic, than the brain drain and investment,” said Barroso.

“But worst of all. The lack of composure diminishes us before ourselves. We cannot allow the destruction of institutions to cover up the economic, social and moral failure we are experiencing,” he declared.