‘Best decision’, says Fernando Zor about breaking up after Maiara’s night out · TV News

Fernando Zor decided to speak out about the end of the engagement with Maiara, of the duo with Maraisa, after the countryman went out for a night out with Anitta in Miami. Until then, neither of them had officially confirmed the termination. “I believe that right now is the best decision for us,” he said.

The pair from Sorocaba made a statement to Leo Dias, columnist for the Metrópoles portal. The singer deviated from the subject when asked if this time the end would be definitive and spoke about a momentary decision. “Like every couple, we had our crises, which ended up wearing us out,” he declared.

The former couple had stopped posting so many photos together in recent months, which caused awkwardness on the part of fans. “Having a public life doesn’t mean we have to expose everything all the time. We love and respect the fans and the people who cheer for us, but sometimes it’s necessary to preserve intimacy,” he said.

Since it started, the relationship was marked by comings and goings and several exposures of jealousy on the part of the two. “Our relationship cannot be marked by mistakes we’ve made. Maiara came into my life at the right time, we lived incredible moments”, soothed the countryman.

“There has always been a lot of love and respect above all. We made mistakes, made things right and learned a lot together”, concluded Fernando. Maiara, in turn, did not speak publicly about the end of the engagement.