Bolsonaro Records Audio with Request for Truck Drivers to Clear Roads | Policy

President Jair Bolsonaro recorded an audio asking truck drivers to clear the country’s roads. In the recording, Bolsonaro says that the action “harms the economy” and “harms everyone, especially the poorest”.

Bolsonaro records audio with request for truck drivers to clear roads

Bolsonaro records audio with request for truck drivers to clear roads

A day after the acts of September 7th, truck drivers who are in favor of the Bolsonaro government and against the ministers of the Supreme Federal Court (STF) promote demonstrations and block highways in 12 states in the country this Wednesday (8).

“Tell the truck drivers there, who are our allies, but these blockades affect our economy. This causes shortages, inflation and harms everyone, especially the poorest. So, give the guys a touch, if possible, to release, okay? For us to follow the normality. Leave it to us in Brasilia here and now. But it’s not easy to negotiate and talk here with authorities. It’s not easy. But we’ll do our part here and let’s go look for a solution for that, ok? And take advantage, in my name, give a hug to all the truck drivers. Thanks,” said the president in the recording.

In a video posted on social networks, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, Minister of Infrastructure, says that the blockade would aggravate the economic crisis:

“This stoppage would aggravate effects on the economy, on inflation that would impact the poorest, the most vulnerable. Today we already have an effect on the price of products due to the pandemic. Inflation today also has an international component. And a stoppage will bring about shortages will end up impacting the poorest, the most vulnerable and harming the population. We know that everyone is concerned about improving the country’s situation, everyone is concerned about solving serious problems. can try to solve one problem by creating another. And, mainly, harming the most vulnerable. Hence the concern of the President of the Republic. So, I ask everyone to listen, to listen carefully to the President’s words, that we have the serenity to pave a future best.”

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