Bracks cites Edenilson as a “replacement” player and projects Inter with more strength in the market at the end of the year

In interview given to the channel Voices of the Giant Last Tuesday, Colorado soccer executive Paulo Bracks admitted that midfielder Paulinho, who was at Boavista-POR and went to Al Shabab, from Saudi Arabia, was tried by Inter in the middle of the year as a possible replacement for Edenilson.

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At the time, according to the director, the colorado shirt 8 was being heavily harassed by Arab football and the club had to work with the possible loss, which did not happen.

“We even sought a replacement (Paulinho) for a part that ended up not coming out (Edenilson). They came hard on top of him. And we managed to keep it. It’s having a wonderful performance. When the dissatisfaction of the supporter of the Inter reaches the player’s ears, we need to do a Herculean job. Even more so when it’s unfair. We have Edenilson until 2023. He is happy here. He is grateful to the club for the call-up”, said Bracks.

In the executive’s perspective, Inter may be stronger in the market at the end of the year, unlike the latest moves, which were on top of young people, on loan with a purchase option, such as defender Kaique Rocha and striker Gustavo Maia.

“We will never stop targeting large athletes in the market. But we have to be responsible. When we don’t move through the window, as other clubs have done, we’re pulling back to move forward when we have bullets, and we hope to do this by the end of the year,” said Bracks, before finishing:

“When it relieves the cash, when it reduces the payroll, reduces the amount of bullets on the market, we are now preparing to have greater gas, a greater appetite for the end of the year. And then there are the contracts that end. We will always have big, high performing athletes in mind. We will make mistakes, of course, but we want to make less mistakes. Let’s aim high for the end of the year, for the turning of the window”.

Check out the full interview:

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