Britney Spears’ father surprises by asking for immediate end of guardianship

Photo: Instagram / Britney Spears / Modern Popcorn

Jamie Spears, the father of pop star Britney Spears, surprised by asking on Tuesday (7/9) in a Los Angeles courtroom to end his participation in the singer’s 13-year guardianship, saying circumstances have changed in recent months.

Last week, Spears suggested that she would need financial compensation to leave the guardianship, which had held Britney under her control since 2008 by court decision.

“If Ms. Spears wants to end her guardianship and believes she can manage her own life, Mr. Spears believes she should have this chance,” said the petition to end the legal arrangement.

Britney has been asking her father for months to stop supervising her $60 million estate. Thanks to the tutelage, Jamie is responsible for managing the artist’s personal and professional affairs. Dissatisfied with this arrangement, she asked to go to court last June to denounce the abuse she is subjected to, likening the situation to slavery by her own father.

Jamie said for the first time that he would be willing to step down last month, but he didn’t give a deadline. After that, he asked for $2 million, supposedly to pay off his attorneys’ fees.

Tuesday’s petition went further than the one filed in August, asking the court to drop the tutelage entirely from now on.

“Recently, Ms. Spears has demonstrated a level of independence that calls into question whether a person’s guardian is needed,” adds the legal document, citing the fact that the singer has hired a lawyer of her choice and has returned to driving alone.

The decision to end the guardianship rests with Judge Brenda Penny of Los Angeles at the next hearing on the case, scheduled for September 29.