Caixa launched new website for FGTS services

Caixa launched new website for FGTS A services Box launched a new Employee Severance Fund (FGTS) website. According to the bank, the new portal was created based on a survey carried out with users of the existing portal, in which the main needs and complaints of beneficiaries were identified. The new page can be accessed through the FGTS website.

For workers, the portal offers information on withdrawals and withdrawals-birthdays, on the FGTS application and on the use of the housing fund, in addition to consulting the statement and balance.

The FGTS website receives more than eight million hits per year, an average of 660 thousand hits per month, from over 150 countries. According to Caixa, in order to increase the transparency of FGTS management, a page dedicated to the Fund’s Reports, Financial Statements, Balance Sheets and Balance Sheets was created, which provides accounts for the money deposited.

The new page also offers explanations and guidance to workers on topics such as payment of the Guarantee Fund from Provisional Measure 1,046/2021, which made it possible to pay in installments of payments suspended between May and August, in addition to offering FGTS balance sheets until June 2021 It also allows you to follow the Board of Trustees meetings.

According to Caixa, the distribution of the profit of R$8.1 billion from the FGTS to the more than 191 million workers’ accounts, active and inactive, has already ended.

The bank also highlighted that the new website has a more intuitive navigation, with completely revised content and adaptable to all screen formats and to the most varied electronic devices (computer, tablet and smartphone).

In addition, search engines and content location were optimized, and content categorized for each niche: Worker, Employer and Investments.

Find out how to check the balance

The worker can check his FGTS account balance through the FGTS application, with registration and password. To do this, you need to download the app from Apple Store (for iOS devices) or on Google Play (for Android devices).

You can also check your FGTS balance and other information on the website. You must login and create an access password.

First access:

  1. Access the email address.
  2. Enter your NIS or CPF number and click on “Register password”.
  3. Read the regulation and click on “I accept”.
  4. Fill in all fields with your personal data.
  5. Create a password of up to eight digits, with letters and numbers, and confirm. You will be taken to the login screen again.
  6. Fill in the fields with NIS or CPF, enter the registered password and use the “Access” button.

Caixa also offers a service for sending messages via SMS for workers to monitor the regularity of deposits and the balance of the FGTS. Registration is free.

The worker receives monthly information about the deposits made by the employer and the updated balance of his Guarantee Fund. He is also notified when there are amounts released for withdrawal. To join, the interested party must register through the link.