Camaquã still has less than 10 active cases of Covid-19

The city of Camaquã confirmed three new cases of Covid-19 this Wednesday (8). With the confirmation of patients between 29 and 90 years old, the city has 9 active cases of the disease.

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The city has 7,698 confirmed cases, with 7,539 recovered patients and 9 still active.

Camaquã has 24 patients with flu-like symptoms being monitored. Click here and check out today’s newsletter.

So far, there have been 150 deaths related to Covid-19.

Regarding hospitalized patients, the city has three beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Hospital Nossa Senhora Aparecida and two patients in clinical beds.

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This Thursday (9), vaccination takes place at the Viegas Immunization Center, located next to the Urban Social Center, from 8:30 am to 9 pm.

It is necessary to bring an identity document with photo, proof of residence and SUS card.

For more information, just contact the team at: (51) 3671 4893.

Immunization boost

Still in September, the city of Camaquã will have the beginning of the application of the third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, which will be a reinforcement of the immunization due to the new variants of the disease.

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The information was brought by nurse Danieli Hain, head of the Immunization Sector of the Municipal Health Department of Camaquã.

She participated in the General Control program this Saturday, September 4, talking about the status of immunization in Camaquã and the schedule for the coming weeks.

The application of the third dose begins in September, focusing on the first priority audiences.

As in most cities in Brazil, Pfizer’s vaccine will be the priority to be used as a booster dose.

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According to Danieli, the application of the third dose will start on September 15th.

Watch the full interview and learn more about dates and audiences:

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