Cancer in the peritoneum, which killed Dudu Braga, usually appears in severe cases – 08/09/2021

After announcing the return of cancer a month ago, Dudu Braga, son of Roberto Carlos, died this Wednesday (8), as a result of cancer in the peritoneum, which is a membrane that surrounds the abdominal wall. The music producer was 52 years old and had already undergone treatment for pancreatic cancer twice in 2019.

In an interview with Quem magazine in August, the music producer said that he often had to go back to the hospital. “The peritoneum inflames the digestive tract and whenever that happens I have to be hospitalized for antibiotics, which can only be done in the hospital and every six hours. There is no other way, I have to stay in the hospital because the medication is intravenous.”

The disease is usually secondary, which makes it aggressive. “The site is usually affected when the disease is metastatic, originating from tumors in the intestine, ovary, liver, pancreas, among others. In general, aggressiveness depends on the primary tumor, but peritoneal involvement occurs in more advanced stages of the disease“, explains Erika Simplicio, an oncologist at the Moriah Hospital and at the First clinic, in private care.

According to the doctor, the condition causes symptoms similar to ovarian cancer, such as abdominal pain, nausea, stomach swollen and weight loss without apparent cause.

Diagnosis is made through imaging tests, such as computed tomography and pet-scan, blood tests to check specific proteins, known as tumor markers, and mainly through biopsy.

Treatment is based on the stage of the tumor and the person’s health conditions and may consist of surgery to remove the tumors, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.