Caoa Chery surpasses GM and Nissan in number of cars sold

You may have heard the expression “numbers don’t lie”. Well, in the automotive sector, in addition to portraying the truth of that moment, the numbers – in this case, license plates – point to a direction within the market.

This is what we have been following, in recent months, with Caoa Chery. Even with the auto industry still in the red, the brand has been constantly rising and achieved a feat in August: surpassing Chevrolet and Nissan in the ranking of automakers that sold the most passenger cars in August (see the “top 10” below).

With 4,717 units licensed last month, Caoa Chery won, for the first time, the eighth position in the ranking of national passenger vehicle assemblers, according to Fenabrave (National Federation of Automotive Vehicle Distribution). With growth of 25% compared to July and 189% over August 2020, the automaker had a share of 3.94% last month, considering only passenger cars – in addition to registering a new sales record.

The Chinese-Brazilian automaker underwent a complete renovation of its line in Brazil, focused on SUVs and sedans and betting on more modern and efficient engines – turbocharged and low liter -, in addition to a lot of on-board technology. Added to this is a five-year warranty and a dealer network that grows at the same pace as sales.

Among the best-selling models, the highlight is the Tiggo 5x, which had 35% growth in sales compared to the previous month, with 1,495 units sold. Next, appear the Tiggo 8, with 1,383 units sold and an increase of 52.3%, and the Tiggo 3x, with 635 license plates and a growth of 23.1%. Among the sedans, the Arrizo 6 registered 387 licensed units.

Caoa Chery in the opposite direction

With this result, the brand goes against the industry that, again, registered retraction in sales. In August, the Brazilian market sold just over 158,000 units, which represents a drop of 2.1% compared to the previous month and 8.7 less than in August 2020.

According to the CEO of CAOA Chery, Marcio Alfonso, the result is even more expressive when analyzing the brand’s performance in retail.

“Today, a large part of the industry has a good portion of its results in direct sales, while Caoa Chery’s business is focused on retail”, comments the executive who adds: “This is a differential of our brand and demonstrates our ability to deliver to the national consumer, competitive products that meet their expectations,” he says.

Ranking of assemblers – automobiles (August)

1) Fiat
21,160 license plates
17.66% market share

2) VW
20,811 license plates
17.37% market share

3) Hyundai
14,167 license plates
11.82% of market share

4) Jeep
13,551 license plates
11.31% of market share

5) Toyota
13,062 license plates
10.90% of market share

6) Honda
8,074 licenses
6.74% of market share

7) Renault
6,711 license plates
5.60% of market share

8) Chaoa Chery
4,717 licenses
3.94% of market share

9) General Motors
4,121 license plates
3.44% of market share

10) Nissan
3,656 license plates
3.05% of market share

Source: Fenabrave