CBF used Ciro Nogueira’s name to pressure Anvisa to release Brazil x Argentina

A document from the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), signed by the server Yunes Eiras Baptista, states that the president of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), Ednalo Rodrigues, called the Minister of Civil Affairs, Ciro Nogueira, to try to release the game Brazil X Argentina, suspended for non-compliance with sanitary measures by the Argentine players.

According to the account of Yunes, who took the field to prevent the match from continuing, there were several attempts to obstruct his work.

“I was approached by Mr. Ednaldo Rodrigues – President of CBF informing that I was in contact with the Civil House and if I could speak with Mr. Minister Ciro Nogueira, I denied the contact and informed him to address the board of ANVISA, which I was with subordinate since it was a sanitary and legal action”, records an excerpt of the document.

The attempt was frustrated after the server refused to look for Ciro Nogueira. Also according to him, several other people who “identified themselves as leaders of some institution asked if it would be possible to negotiate”.

Others, such as the vice-chairman of the Conmebol Governance and Transfer Committee, Sergio Ribas, tried “more discreet conversations”. Ribas “requested if he could provide the telephone number for contacting any director of Anvisa to which he would report”.

“During all this time, I was standing in the access corridor to the dressing room in Argentina and surrounded by security guards, officials and a technical committee, my protection being the PF officers and two military police officers from the state of São Paulo,” says an excerpt of the report.

According to Brazilian health regulations, foreign travelers who have spent the last 14 days in the United Kingdom, South Africa and India are prevented from entering Brazil, as a way to prevent the dissemination of the delta variant of the coronavirus. Four Argentine players provided false information to avoid being barred and ended up unable to play.

The president of CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, denied that “he has made any contact with Anvisa’s servers.”

The office of the minister of the Civil House was called in, but did not return until the publication of this report. The space remains open.

Read the full text of Anvisa’s report:

Anvisa Report by Metropoles on Scribd

Read the full note from the president of CBF:

“The president of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Ednaldo Rodrigues, vehemently denies that he has made any contact with Anvisa servers under the terms reported in the Complementary Event Report on the match between Brazil and Argentina. Nor did he authorize anyone to speak on his behalf.

The president of the CBF did not talk about this or any other matter with the minister of the Civil House, Ciro Nogueira, he doesn’t even have his telephone contact. The version is fanciful.”