Contrary to Bitcoin and El Salvador: new cryptocurrency shoots up 13,800% in 2 days and is ready to take a new leap capable of transforming R$1,000 into R$100,000 – analyst points out

After this Tuesday, the 7th of September, there was no mention of anything other than independence. Be it from Brazil or from El Salvador, who made the Bitcoin as the country’s currency, becoming the first nation in the world free from the monopoly of a controlling entity, since, from now on, it has a currency that is independent of any Central Bank, as it is based on technology Blockchain, an 100% decentralized network.

But, contrary to what many were expecting, what we saw on September 7th was a real shower of cold water for investors in the most famous cryptocurrency in the world. After all, on the day of the announcement, Bitcoin dropped almost 20%.

The drop was due to a main reason: strong selling pressure from some sharks in the market.

it seems, big investors are looking for new opportunities to profit in the short term in the cryptocurrency market. And, it seems, they seem to have found this alternative in a project that has just been released, on September 1st.

This is a new NFT cryptocurrency that has just been created and already delivered +13,800% of profits in just 2 days for those who invested in it. This means that:

  • If you had invested R$1 thousand in it on 09/01 (release date), it would have, 2 days later, more than BRL 139 thousand in the account;
  • But if it had gone further and landed BRL 7,200, would your money multiply to more than R$1 million in just 48 hours.

Now, according to market analysts, this currency may continue to deliver high profits in the coming months.

She turned R$7,000 into R$1 million in two days, but the best is yet to come

One of the analysts who are confident in the coming days of this cryptocurrency is André Franco. He was one of the only Brazilian experts to add the cryptocurrency in your portfolio in early September.

No wonder Franco’s recommended portfolio is currently the most profitable in Brazil, counting with 3.134% of average return since its creation, in October 2017, and 291% only in 2021.

This return, according to the expert, only tends to increase going forward, especially because of of your new addition, what already jumped 13,800% in two days, but which, in the expert’s opinion, will deliver even more from September 20th.

“If you think that 13,800% is a lot, wait and see what can happen after the 20th… it’s not an exaggeration to say that whoever invests in this crypto today has real chances of putting in simple amounts and leaving millionaires in a short time”, said André Franco , for your readers

The analyst’s conviction is such with the performance from the crypt that he decided give a lot of bonus so that, this time, no one is left out of the bull movement he is projecting for the cryptocurrency.

According to Franco’s studies, the cryptocurrency is ready to engage one more upstroke and transform every R$1,000 invested in it into more than R$100,000.

R$1 million from just R$82 – get to know the crypto segment in which this ‘newbie’ is inserted

One of the factors that makes the analyst feel optimistic about the future of this cryptocurrency is related to a macro thesis of the environment in which it is inserted. Maybe you don’t know, but the cryptomarket goes far beyond Bitcoin.

Today, there are more than 6,000 cryptoactives being traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which are divided into 8 segments within the crypto universe. In 2020, for example, the class that stood out the most were the Defis (decentralized finance). Protocols belonging to this segment delivered the greatest profits to their investors.

As early as 2021, the class that has been stealing the spotlight and making your investors literally millionaires are the calls NFTs – in English Non Fungible Token. You may have heard about them, especially in their name’s relationship with the digital arts market, but the truth is that NFT goes far beyond that.

By the way, the subsegment that is standing out the most within the NFTs has little to do with this market. What is really making cryptocurrency investors millionaires are the game-related tokens developed through blockchain.

are the calls “gamecoins” that are transforming simple sums in lifetime fortunes. Maybe you’re not familiar with the name ‘gamecoin’, but what about AXS, you know? The cryptocurrency has simply taken the spotlight of the cryptocurrency market going from US$ 0.50, in January, to reach the US$ 70 mark, just 8 months later, according to CoinMarketCap.

It is a appreciation of 56,000%, multiplying by more than 560 times the money of those who invested in AXS in October of last year. But whoever thinks that AXS was the only ‘gamecoin’ that took off in 2020 is wrong. In fact, the return of AXS is ‘little chip compared’ to the leader of the ranking. See the table below:

It contains the highest valuations of ‘gamecoins’ since their respective creations. Do you know what would have happened to your money if you had invested only BRL 82 in the leader of the ranking, a GameCredits? You would have R$1 million in your account today.

That’s right, less than BRL 100 invested in the most profitable gamecoin would have made you a millionaire. Want another example?

The same happened with those who invested in coconuts, another ‘gamecoin’ that exploded with the boom of the NFT segment – only in 2021 were about 323,348%, also surpassing the return of Axie Infinity. That is, who invested R$1,000 in Coconuts at the beginning of the year today already has R$3,235,000 in the account.

This is the potential that ‘gamecoins’ have and it is also the potential that Franco sees for his new bet.

It’s already been 13,800% in two days, but it doesn’t stop taking off

But make no mistake. Of course, being inserted in a profitable environment, with assets that are delivering the biggest profits of the year is important. But just belonging to this ecosystem does not necessarily mean that this specific project will be valued.

What made this one of the greatest ICOs in history and crypto the #1 candidate to repeat AXS’ exponential returns goes far beyond that. The fact is, the fundamentals behind this currency are making the eyes of many investors shine.

After all, the game will be developed on the same platform as the most played game in the world – Fortnite.

As if that wasn’t enough, crypto still has a partnership with Animoca Brands. It is a blockchain gaming company that has a licensed Formula 1 game and some NFT collections with other names in the sport, such as Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Moto GP.

This may not sound like much, but it is. Well, what did we see after the AXS success there have been several protocols trying to hitch a ride on the brilliance of crypto by creating projects that are nothing more than ideas on paper. Therefore, having in hand a crypto that, even though it is so new, is already establishing weighty partnerships it is extremely important and the market knows it.

It was all this background that made the crypto’s rise movement not stop at 13,800%, continuing until today. After all, only on the date I write this article, she has already jumped 6.29%

And the trend is that the movement expands going forward. Because, despite the leap, the digital asset is still extremely unknown, just as AXS was at the beginning of the year. But according to André, this will not last much longer.

“In the coming months I believe that we will already have people with R$ 100,000 – or more – in the account, starting from an investment of R$ 1,000” – explains Franco

She can multiply your money 100 times after September 20th; get your lot here

The good news is that today you can still invest in this cryptocurrency, with the possibility of transform every BRL 1,000 invested into BRL 100,000. And the best, having the chance to receive a lot of gift on September 20th – which means minimizing your risks with that bonus.

Let it be clear that André Franco’s objective with this initiative is not just give a lot of coin that, in his view, will transform R$1,000 invested into R$100,000 and then let you down later.

he wants that the lot be just the first step on a successful journey into the most profitable market of the last decade. That’s why, on the 20th, in addition to the batch, the analyst will also release:

  • One report with the hottest NFT tokens on the market; and
  • One free course with the ‘babyba’ of everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency market.

In this way, you can learn in practice how to invest in the cryptocurrency market, with your hands on the hottest crypto at the moment.

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