Copasa decides not to pay 100% of the R$ 246 million fine

The Minas Gerais Sanitation Company (Copasa-MG) will not fully refund the amount of R$ 246.857 million to consumers in Belo Horizonte. The value is related to non-compliance with the services granted, but for which unauthorized charges, between 2012 and 2018.

The regulatory agent determined, at the end of the Arsae administrative process 05/2019, the reimbursement of R$ 130.753 million, per irregularities in the provision of sewage services, in the period 2012 to 2018. In addition, double interest of R$ 116.104 million. Copasa, however, is willing to pay only the highest amount, that is, 52.9% of the amount determined by Regulatory Agency for Water Supply and Sanitary Sewage Services (Arsae-MG).

The Minas Gerais state company informs in a statement, this Wednesday (09/08), to which the Board of Directors authorized “the start of returns, in a simple and corrected form” of R$130,753,607.41. But it was recommended to ask the General Assembly “oajudgment of action against decision ARSAE-MG, about the double return and payment of interest”. This amount is R$116,104,900.62.

Copasa is one of the main state-owned companies of the Government of Minas Gerais. The governor of Minas Gerais, Romeu Zema, in the 2018 campaign, committed to the privatization of the company. But so far, it has failed. The company is publicly traded, that is, it has shares listed on B3 (Brasil. Bolsa. Balcão).

Copasa charged, but didn’t

The decisions of Copasa’s Council were taken on 26/08. On July 26, the company detailed that the process “refers to charging for sewage collection and treatment services for approximately 69 thousand customers”. He stressed, however, that the values ​​”are not recognized and accepted by the Company”.

The Arsae Collegiate Board, when taking a decision, on July 27, made it appear in press release: “It was identified that 69,000 users from different regions of the city paid for a sewage treatment service that was not provided”.

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