Corinthians ends its worst 1st round of Brasileirão as home team

Corinthians won a 1-1 draw with Juventude, at Neo Química Arena, last Tuesday night, and closed a very bad campaign at home in the first round of the Brasileirão. So much so that the numbers indicate the worst retrospective in the first half of the championship since 2014, when the Itaquera stadium came to be used by the club.

After tying with the team from Rio Grande do Sul with a goal by Róger Guedes, Timão ended the first round as home team with only two wins, three draws and four defeats, resulting in nine points from nine home matches, which means 33.33% of use. In addition, there are only ten goals scored and 12 conceded, that is, a negative balance of two.

This is Corinthians’ worst performance at Neo Química in a first round of Brasileirão. Previously, this status was in the hands of the 2020 edition, when the team had three wins, four draws and two defeats, that is, 13 points added in nine games, which brings a 48.15% improvement. There were 12 goals scored and 14 conceded, also with a negative balance of two.

The best first round campaign at Neo Química Arena happened in the 2015 edition, when Corinthians ended up being champion; There were seven victories and only one defeat, that is, 21 points in eight games, an 87.5% improvement. It is worth noting that there were not nine matches, because one was played at Arena da Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara.

To give you an idea, Corinthians played 72 first-round matches in Brasileirão at the Neo Química Arena and had only nine defeats, four of which were in the 2021 edition, adding the other editions were only five defeats, which shows the performance bad thing that Timão delivered during this first half of the championship as home team.

Check out the performance in each Corinthians’ first round in Itaquera:

2014 – 7 games/3 wins/3 draws/1 loss – 57.14%
2015 – 8 games/7 wins/1 loss – 87.5%
2016 – 9 games/6 wins/3 draws – 77.77%
2017 – 10 games/7 wins/3 draws – 80%
2018 – 10 games/5 wins/4 draws/1 loss – 63.33%
2019 – 10 games/6 wins/4 draws – 73.33%
2020 – 9 games/3 wins/4 draws/2 losses – 48.15%
2021 – 9 games/2 wins/3 draws/4 losses – 33.33%