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Corinthians opens the second round of the Brazilian Championship with thoughts turned to looking for a spot in the Libertadores next season. This is the desire of the board, which went to the market and sought quality reinforcements to change the level of the cast. The idea is to dispute titles in 2022.

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Currently in sixth place and unbeaten for five games, Timão knows that the dream is viable, even more considering that the team only has the Brasileirão dispute in the sequence of the season, unlike other competitors.

O ge sought the minimum score that led the teams to Libertadores in the last five editions of the Brasileirão to understand how close Timão is to getting the spot. The next game is this Sunday, against Atlético-GO, at 6:30 pm, in Goiânia, for the 20th round.

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Sylvinho in Corinthians vs. Youth — Photo: Marcos Riboli

From 2016 to 2020, two teams managed to reach the preliminary round with 54 points (Brazilian teams start in the second stage). And one managed to reach the group stage with just 56 points.

Corinthians has 28 points and 19 games to play. That is, there are 57 possible points yet. To reach the “cut-off score” for the group stage place, the same 28 points would be lacking, won with seven wins and seven draws (there were five losses in the round).

This score, considered low for a direct place in the group stage, was only possible for Flamengo in 2017 because Cruzeiro was champion of the Copa do Brasil and Grêmio da Libertadores – and both ended in high positions in the table, opening the so-called G- 8, with the G-6 ranking straight.

Currently, of the five teams above Corinthians in the table, all have other tournaments to play. Flamengo and Atlético-MG have Libertadores and Copa do Brasil; Palmeiras has Libertadores; Fortaleza has the Brazil Cup; and Red Bull Bragantino has Copa Sudamericana.

Thus, there is again the possibility of a G-8 in Brasileirão. If there is, even finishing sixth, Corinthians would qualify for the group stage of the Libertadores 2022.

Róger Guedes celebrates goal in Corinthians vs. Youth — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Corinthians Agency

Moving up the level of difficulty, the highest score for a spot in the second phase of the Libertadores came in 2018, with Atlético-MG, which scored 59 points. In other words, Timão would need one more victory (or three draws) in relation to the campaign in the first round.

The highest group stage vacancy score in the last five years was in the same year, with Grêmio having scored 66 points. A scenario that would force Corinthians to score ten points more than in the first round, with three wins and a draw, for example.

See the scores that led teams to Libertadores in the last five editions of Brasileirão:

The Brasileirão 2020 ended with the top eight teams in the table classified to Libertadores. Santos was the last of them, starting the dispute in the continental tournament of the second phase, after having scored 54 points, as well as Grêmio. Palmeiras was the current champion of the tournament.

  1. Flemish – 71 points
  2. International – 70 points
  3. Atlético-MG – 68 points
  4. São Paulo – 66 points
  5. Fluminense – 64 spots
  6. Guild – 59 points
  7. Palm trees – 58 points*
  8. Santos – 54 points

Cut-off score for direct vacancy and preliminary stage, respectively, of 64 and 54 points.

The 2019 Brasileirão also had its top eight classified, the last of them being Corinthians, with 56 points, which, like Internacional, started the dispute in the preliminary phases. Flamengo was the current champion of the tournament, and Athletico, of the Copa do Brasil.

  1. Flamengo – 90 points*
  2. Santos – 74 points
  3. Palm trees – 74 points
  4. Guild – 65 points
  5. Athletic – 64 points*
  6. São Paulo – 63 points
  7. International – 57 points
  8. Corinthians – 56 points

Cut-off score for direct vacancy and preliminary stage, respectively, of 63 and 56 points.

In the 2018 edition, the last classified to Libertadores was Atlético-MG, in sixth place, with 59 points, which played in the preliminary phases along with São Paulo, which finished in fifth place.

Cruzeiro and Athletico, champions of the Copa do Brasil and Sudamericana, respectively, entered the dispute, but did not make room for other teams via Brasileirão because they were in lower positions.

  1. Palm trees – 80 points
  2. Flemish – 72 points
  3. International – 69 points
  4. Guild – 66 points
  5. São Paulo – 63 points
  6. Atlético-MG – 59 points

Cut-off score for direct vacancy and preliminary stage, respectively, of 66 and 59 points.

In 2017, the year in which Corinthians finished as Brazilian champion, eight were classified. Of these, Chapecoense, with 54 points, and Vasco, with 56, for the preliminary phases of the tournament. From the list, Cruzeiro was the current champion of the Copa do Brasil, and Grêmio, of the Libertadores, opening the G-8.

  1. Corinthians – 72 points
  2. Palm trees – 63 points
  3. Santos – 63 points
  4. Guild – 62 points*
  5. Cruise – 57 points*
  6. Flemish – 56 points
  7. Vasco – 56 points
  8. Chapecoense – 54 points

Cut-off score for direct vacancy and preliminary stage, respectively, of 56 and 54 points.

The 2016 edition had the top six classifieds in the Brasileirão competing for the following year’s Libertadores. The last two spots went to Botafogo, 59 points, and Athletico, with 57. Chapecoense was champion of the Sudamericana, and Grêmio, of the Copa do Brasil, but both were in lower positions in the table and did not open places for other teams .

  1. Palm trees – 80 points
  2. Santos – 71 points
  3. Flemish – 71 points
  4. Atlético-MG – 62 points
  5. Botafogo – 59 points
  6. Athetic – 57 points

Cut-off score for direct vacancy and preliminary stage, respectively, of 62 and 57 points.

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