Corinthians opens a new fan token sale through the Bitcoin Market this Thursday; know more

Corinthians fans will have another opportunity to buy the $SCCP fan token. This Thursday, at 10 am, the Bitcoin Market, the club’s sponsor, opens the second day of sales of the digital asset.

Those who choose to use the Bitcoin Marketplace must open an account (click here), transfer their $SCCP on the platform and send them to the Bitcoin Marketplace.

As expected, the Bitcoin Market will now open the second phase of purchases of the $SCCP Fan Token. Whoever lost our FTO will have another opportunity to be a supporter with an active voice. No matter where they live, Corinthians and Corinthians will be able to participate in polls that the club will generate, entirely focused on Fiel, and contribute to Corinthians’ growth, 24 by 7. I’m sure Fiel will join us in weight”, highlighted José Colagrossi.

This means that those who managed to buy the fan token in the initial offer and want to trade it can also carry out transactions through the Bitcoin Market – trading is still possible on the app, where the $SCCP was launched, and on Exchange of Chile.

There is a lot of expectation around this listing on the Bitcoin Market, because in the Corinthians fan token offer many people did not manage to get there in time and ended up being left out. Therefore, we expect a large volume right at the opening of business on the 9th. Our platform is ready to receive this trading volume”, guaranteed the CEO of the Bitcoin Market, Reinaldo Rabelo.

It is worth remembering that, on September 2, when the first sale took place, Corinthians fans sold out the 850,000 units available in two hours, breaking the national record. Another 1.7 million dollars (about R$ 8.7 million) were collected by the club, which should keep 50% of the amount.

In time: fan token is a digital asset that allows fans to participate in the club’s decisions and actions, in addition to competing for gifts and prizes when participating in surveys. Last week, the My Timon explained how the fan token works and why the cryptocurrency is interesting to fans and Corinthians.

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