Datena revolts after Bolsonaro supporters call Band ‘junk’

Presenter Datena, anchor of the program “Brasil Urgente” on Band, was disgusted with supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), after they called the station “trash” during the pro-government demonstration held yesterday on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo.

At the time, the reporter Cesar Cavalcante was on the spot to follow the act, which was attended by the president, but, as with other stations, the Band professional was harassed by the demonstrators.

“It can take away the image! Democracy is democracy, now nobody here will accept disrespect for the reporter who is there. Not even the press. Nobody here is obliged to accept this”, declared Datena.

According to the communicator, this type of behavior is not approved by Bolsonaro who “doesn’t want confrontation”. “We don’t want a confrontation, but we won’t allow them to call the press ‘junk’. I’m very proud of the press I’m part of. And I won’t allow that here,” he added.

Finally, Datena criticized the production of the Band program for having sent a team to cover the pro-government acts, even after he had instructed that this not happen, as the professional could “get a stick”.

“I asked not to put a reporter in there since yesterday and I suggest that they remove the reporters from there immediately. To be called ‘trash’ or expose the reporter, who may be beaten up shortly, it’s better to take it out. That’s the atmosphere of hatred generated by the elections that we have to face”, he concluded, pointing out that “these people do not represent Brazil”.

CNN reporter harassed

CNN’s Spanish correspondent, Marcos Moreno, was harassed by supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro as he covered pro-government protests on Avenida Paulista. He had to be escorted by four military police officers to get out of the demonstration safely.

In images recorded by the reporter himself, the journalist appears surrounded by protesters who call him “trash” and shout the word “it’s over”. Moreno reports that the video was recorded around 4 pm, at Rua Bela Cintra.

“We’re fine. Only saddened by the attacks on the press and on democracy in Brazil,” Moreno wrote as he posted the recording on Twitter.