Daughter of Heloísa Périssé attacks ex-BBBs who take acting jobs

Luisa Périssé attacks ex-BBBs and criticizes Rafa Kalimann
Luisa Périssé attacks ex-BBBs and criticizes Rafa Kalimann (Reproduction/Instagram)

the daughter of Héloisa Périssé, the actress Luisa Périssé through his social networks he made an outburst about his acting profession. His irritation started after seeing a ad for actor tests that charged 10,000 followers on their social networkss . Extremely irritated with the requirements for the test, the artist made harsh criticisms of ex-BBBs filling the vacancies of someone who is really an actor.

“The person who is extremely talented, who studies and has a life dedicated to it, stops, because the ex-BBB is there taking the place, the blogger who has 100,000 followers…. Basically, that’s what I’m talking about, in harsh words, but it has to say. Nobody can take it anymore!” she snapped.

In another publication, the young woman continued her outburst: “BBB can’t be in the series. BBB stands for ‘Wheel Wheel Jequiti’, which you root for someone to win. Did you understand? It’s not for people to leave ‘BBB’ and go to the series. One has to leave the bbb and go to ‘The Farm,’” she said.

Reviews to Rafa Kalimann

Showing all her irritation, Luisa made attacks on ex-BBB Rafa Kalimann:

“What annoys me is that, unfortunately, it’s not the fault of these guys (influencer), it’s the casting/directing producers, whoever they hire, who want to find a model or blogger to debut the next soap and win more visibility. It’s sad to see a country becoming this, you have a product like Casa Kalimamm’ in order not to lose the fame of the ex-BBB who left the house. It’s surreal, while people study, so much for that so idle/unemployed for years, because their opportunities are being filled by 1 million followers,” he snarled

Armando Babaioff also criticized the tests

Still on the actors test that required 10,000 followers on their networks, actor Armando Babaioff used his Twitter account last week to come crashing down on the future of the profession.

This here is the summary of what became the acting profession. A casting test that requires actresses to have more than 10k followers. Sometimes a bad feeling hits me and I find myself thinking that our profession no longer exists, and has been for a long time. What have we seen?” he fired.