Daughter of Heloisa Perissé kicks off Rafa Kalimann’s show: ‘It’s surreal’

Actress Luisa Perissé, daughter of Heloisa Perissé, used her social networks to make a controversial outburst. This happened after an announcement by a casting producer who said that “only actors with more than 10,000 followers could audition for a role”, very uncomfortable with the statement, Luisa spoke out against ex-BBBs who end up migrating to dramaturgy.

The person who is talented, who studies and has a life dedicated to it, stopped, because the ex-BBB is there occupying the place, the blogger who has 100 thousand followers…. Basically, that’s what I’m talking about, in harsh words, but it has to say. Nobody can take it anymore!”, began by saying the daughter of the actress from Globo on her Instagram profile.

And he went on to declare that ex-BBBs should occupy other spaces: “BBB can’t be for series. BBB stands for ‘Wheel Wheel Jequiti’, which you root for someone to win. Did you understand? It’s not for people to leave ‘BBB’ and go to the series. One has to leave the bbb and go to ‘The farm“, detonated Luisa Perissé.

The actress also made harsh criticisms of TV producers and directors: “What annoys me is that, unfortunately, it’s not the fault of these guys (influencer), it’s the casting/directing producers, whoever they hire, who want to find a model or blogger to debut the next soap and win more visibility”.

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And he continued talking specifically about the attraction of the BBB20 runner-up on Globo, Rafa Kallimann at Globoplay: “It’s sad to see a country becoming this, you have a product like Casa Kalimamm’ so as not to lose the fame of the ex-BBB that left the house. It’s surreal, as people study, too much for it to be idle/unemployed for years, because their opportunities are being filled by 1 million followers.”

On social networks, Internet users were divided. While some agreed with Luisa Perisse’s outburst about the trivialization of the acting profession, others pointed out that ex-BBBs can also study and pursue an artistic career even though they have gained media attention from their participation in reality shows:

On the one hand, I agree, in the past people had to study so much to be an actor, and today it’s mega banal”, defended Alexia Ananda on her Instagram profile. “That’s right, people spend years studying and these people come who don’t have a proper facial expression and take the place of really good people”, added Gabriela Bag.

“Did you say the one that gained space because the mother is famous and if she wasn’t?”, fired Dhiogo Ribeiro. “She’s right in parts, but look at Grazi people ex BBB is a wonderful actress”, pondered Bruna Belizario. “Ex bbb can’t have studied? Can’t you have gone after? I found it kind of clueless, Manu is ex bbb, musician, so what? Juliette always wanted the opportunity, went to the bbb, showed who she is, wanted to see if she had been invited? This is sounding very jealous, yes!!”, wrote the Reality Web profile.

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